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Year Album Artist
2018 Equilibrium Gozu Mastering
2017 Head Bent The Cold Stares Mastering
2016 Sermonize Isaak Mastering
2016 Burial Sunrise Zun Mastering
2014 Savage Sagas from the Meatmen The Meatmen Mastering
2013 The Taking of Black Heart Five Horse Johnson Mastering
2013 IV Sasquatch Mastering
2013 Anthropos Mother of God Mastering
2013 Adelphophagia Luder Mastering
2012 Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives Abrahma Mastering
2012 Thanks for the Silver Sun Gods in Exile Mastering
2012 Seismic Sons of Otis Mastering
2012 Neverland Mangoo Mastering
2012 Moon Queen Lord Fowl Mastering
2012 Good Morning Harakiri Dwellers Mastering
2012 Frogs Larman Clamor Mastering
2012 Dead Rock Commandos Nightstalker Mastering
2011 Your World of Tomorrow Ironweed Mastering
2011 These Things Are Facts Victory and Associates Mastering
2011 Sasquanaut Lo-Pan Mastering
2011 Salvador Lo-Pan Mastering
2011 Momantha Backwoods Payback Mastering
2011 Mad Oak Redoux Suplecs Mastering
2011 Let It Roll Dixie Witch Mastering
2011 Last Rays of the Dying Sun Infernal Overdrive Mastering
2011 Holding On Freedom Hawk Mastering
2011 Dimension Thule Blue Snaggletooth Mastering
2011 Cosmic Priestess Tia Carrera Mastering
2011 30 Weight Gideon Smith / Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned Mastering
2010 Third Record The Brought Low Engineer, Mastering
2010 Locust Season Gozu Mastering
2010 Dysfunctional Majesty Red Giant Mastering
2010 A.D. Solace Mastering
2009 Using the Useless House of Broken Promises Mastering
2009 Sonoluminescence Luder Mastering
2009 III A Working Model Mastering
2009 Exiled Sons of Otis Mastering
2009 Black Light, White Lines Sun Gods in Exile Mastering
2008 Tales Iota Mastering
2008 Love Is... Sabrina Shaheen Audio Engineer
2008 Live [DVD] Arturo Sandoval Mastering
2008 Indian Ladder Ironweed Mastering
2008 Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels Whitey Morgan & the 78's Remastering, Mastering
2007 Songs for Future Gods Mos Generator Mastering
2007 Sliver Or Slice Mickey Richard Mastering
2007 Heaven's Full of Monkeys The Buzzrats Mastering
2007 Dirty Women The Glasspack Mastering
2007 Agents of Ahriman Greenleaf Mastering
2006 The Sweet Black Bear Slot Mastering
2006 The Mystery Spot Five Horse Johnson Mastering
2006 Sucking the 70's: Back in the Saddle Again Compilation Producer, Mastering, Assembly
2006 Nothing That a Bullet Couldn't Cure Antler Mastering
2006 Hate It When You're Right The Offramps Mastering
2006 Great Lake Heart Ache Dirt Road Logic Mastering
2006 An End A Working Model Mastering
2005 Vailcode Vailcode Mastering
2005 III Acid King Mastering
2005 Flores de Sangre Greatdayforup Mastering
2005 Balls Out Inn Honky Mastering
2005 A Retrospective: 1995-2000 Son Volt Engineer
2004 Wondering Where You Are The Buzzrats Mastering
2004 Wait/There Was a Time The Avatars Mastering
2004 Paradise Pawned, Vol. 1 Gold Cash Gold Mastering
2004 Halfway to Gone Halfway to Gone Mastering
2004 Devil Child Blues Red Giant Mastering
2004 Bridgeburner The Glasspack Mastering
2003 The Last Men on Earth Five Horse Johnson Mastering
2003 Still in the Pink Ghettobillies Engineer
2003 It's Not the Heat, It's the Humanity Puny Human Mastering
2003 Deadstring Brothers Deadstring Brothers Mastering
2002 Tangier Medusa Cyclone Mastering
2002 Sucking the 70's Arranger, Mastering
2002 Second Season Halfway to Gone Mastering
2002 Powderkeg The Glasspack Mastering
2002 John Train The Buzzrats Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Mastering
2002 Early Man Tummler Mixing Assistant
2001 The No. 6 Dance Five Horse Johnson Mastering
2001 Southern Gentlemen Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned Mastering
2001 Into the Sun Dixie Witch Remastering
2001 Cold Water Dry Stone: New Music with Traditional Roots Quorum Engineer
2001 19 Moons Faruq Z. Bey Engineer
2000 Times Like These Rick Danko Engineer
2000 This Time It's Personal Scratching Post Mastering
2000 Painted Scarves Rick Culver Engineer
2000 Good Luck Fire Chief Brian Lillie & The Squirrel Mountain Orchestra Producer, Engineer
2000 Fall from Heaven Tribe of Zoe Mastering
2000 Compositions from the Hand, Vol. 3 Mastering
1999 The Sun and the Moon Getting It On Perplexa Mastering
1999 Some Rezeev Ghettobillies Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Shy Moments Aaron Siegel's Block Engineer
1999 Motors for Tricycles The Deterants Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Memos, Demos, and Hard to Reach Places Dave Boutette Producer, Engineer, Mastering
1999 Mazinga Mazinga Mastering
1999 Busse Woods Acid King Remastering
1998 This Glorious Forward Perplexa Engineer, Mastering
1998 Rowboats Brian Lillie & The Squirrel Mountain Orchestra Mastering
1998 One Hundred Years of Lunacy The Luddites Engineer
1998 Cartoon Twilight The Buzzrats Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Mastering, Group Member
1997 Wireland Wig Engineer
1997 Tiny Speck in a Ruthless Universe The Buzzrats Engineer, Mastering
1997 Sound System EP Butterfly Mastering
1997 Rhapsody Mack Sisters Assistant Engineer
1997 Perplexa Perplexa Engineer
1997 Instrumentals Getaway Cruiser Mastering
1997 Compositions from the Hand, Vol. 2 Mastering
Work the Circuits Thoughts Detecting Machines Mastering
Visitations Sundrifter Mastering
Ukulele Jam Hilo Greg Mastering
The Diamond Dukes The Diamond Dukes Engineer
The Longer the Beard the Harder the Sound Isaak Mastering
Supermachine Supermachine Mastering
Spirit Knife Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus Mastering
Somewhere Along the Way Dianne Collins Mastering, Mixing
Seven Swords Black Elephant Mastering
Remind Captain Crimson Mastering
Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird Abrahma Mastering
Part I & II Automatic Mastering
Pagan Fruit Dwellers Mastering
Our Birth Is But a Sleep and a Forgetting It's Not Night: It's Space Mastering
Night On the Town Jeremy Porter & the Tucos Mastering
Little Songs For Big Kids Hilo Greg Mastering
Leave Me Alone Guides Mastering
Jake Leg Boogie Five Horse Johnson Mastering
Itch Adam Labeaux Mastering
Into Your Mind Freedom Hawk Mastering
Hydra Deville Mastering
Heat Mangoo Mastering
Glorious Babylon Lord Fowl Mastering
Freewheelin' La Chinga Mastering
Freedom Hawk Freedom Hawk Remastering
First, Last & Everything in Between David Barrett Mastering
Explorer Seven Planets Mastering
Drone Maintenance Blackwolfgoat Mastering
Doom Machine Miss Lava Mastering
Cosmic Blues Black Elephant Mastering
Burn the Ships The Electric Mud Mastering
Bright Shiny Life The Buzzrats Mastering
Beyond the Sky La Chinga Mastering
Beast Remains Freedom Hawk Mastering Engineer
Alligator Heart Larman Clamor Mastering
Absolute Uke Gerald Ross Mixing, Mastering

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