Florida native Chris Farren made his name fronting the Naples-based outfit Fake Problems, whose mix of alt-country, punk, and emo won them a hardcore fan base in the late 2000s. Also a member of the band Antarctigo Vespucci, Farren's solo career in the late 2010s has veered more toward melodic bedroom indie pop. After Fake Problems' breakup in 2014, Farren began issuing various independent solo releases starting with a Christmas LP titled Like a Gift from God or Whatever, followed in 2015 by a compilation of demos and a handful of singles. His proper solo debut, Can't Die, arrived in 2016 via SideOneDummy Records and introduced a strong melodic pop element into his sound. After relocating to Los Angeles, Farren's 2019 follow-up, Born Hot, expanded on his indie pop tendencies with bright synths and vintage drum machines.
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