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Year Album Artist
2021 The Future Nathaniel Rateliff / Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2021 Red Rocks 2020 Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer
2020 Italian Ice Nicole Atkins Mastering
2020 And It's Still Alright Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering
2016 The Story of Fred Short Marco Benevento Mastering
2014 Liberation! Peter Matthew Bauer Engineer
2012 Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices The Welcome Wagon Mastering
2012 Ownerless Everest Engineer
2011 Watch TV Josh Ottum Mixing
2008 Welcome to the Welcome Wagon The Welcome Wagon Mastering
2007 SFRNRPS Tess Wiley Engineer
2007 Dressed Up for the Letdown Richard Swift Audio Engineer, Mixing
2006 Shine Honesty Quiet Company Mixing
2006 Pussy Cats The Walkmen Engineer, Mixing
2006 Backward Masks Summer Hymns Engineer
2005 The Physics of Meaning The Physics of Meaning Mastering
2005 The Novelist/Walking Without Effort Richard Swift Engineer
2005 The Imposter Kevin Max Mixing
2004 Hollow Songs Michael J. Pritzl Engineer, Mixing
2004 Achilles' Heel Pedro the Lion Mixing
2003 This Is the Moment The Violet Burning Mixing
2003 Never Felt This Way Before The Billions Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Musician
2003 Miracles Sam Producer, Engineer
2003 Kingsqueens+1 Wayne Everett Mixing, Mastering
2003 Infinite Keys Ester Drang Engineer, Mixing
2003 Commiting to Tape Shepherd Engineer
2003 Avocado Fault Line Terry Scott Taylor Engineer
2002 The Right Amount Bon Voyage Mixing
2002 Soulful Hymns Jon Gibson Engineer, Mastering
2002 More: Live [Video/DVD] Crystal Lewis Mixing
2002 Mega 3 Collection: Christian Rock -- The Punk Years Producer
2001 Three Honey Tape, Mastering, Balance Engineer
2001 The Hot Stuff Frank Lenz Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Mastering
2001 The Crucial Conspiracy The Dingees Producer, Engineer, Sampling
2001 The Autumns Present Le Carillon The Autumns Assistant
2001 Strange Exchange Plankeye Producer, Guitar
2001 Real Men Cry Lost Dogs Engineer, Mixing
2001 Life of David Michael Knott Mixing
2001 Leave Here a Stranger Starflyer 59 Mixing
2001 Keepin' It Real Priesthood Mixing
2001 I Duel Sioux and the Ale of Saturn The Lassie Foundation Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Sampling
2001 Green Room Blues The Deluxetone Rockets / The Deluxtone Rockets Producer, Engineer
2001 Goldenwest Ester Drang Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Performer
2001 El Dorado L.P. The Lassie Foundation Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2001 Easy Come Easy Go Starflyer 59 Mixing
2000 When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos Mixing
2000 Voice Brother & Sister Summer Hymns Engineer, Mixing, Wah Wah Guitar, Mastering
2000 This Land Is Your Land The Wee Turtles Engineer
2000 The Winter Is Coming Elf Power Producer, Engineer
2000 Pacifico The Lassie Foundation Mixing
2000 Marshmallow Coasting Marshmallow Coast Mixing, Mastering
2000 I Am Not a Freemdoom Masters Of The Hemisphere Mixing
2000 Fanmail 2000 Fanmail Mixing
2000 Dolorosa Duraluxe Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Drones, Composer
1999 Yreka Bakery The Pep Squad Vocals
1999 Transparent Broomtree Mixing
1999 Serve Self Left Out Producer, Engineer
1999 Reggae Worship: First Fruits Christafari Engineer
1998 Toast & Olive Producer, Engineer
1998 Taken In Pave the Rocket Producer, Engineer
1998 No Doy! The Pep Squad Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Slide Guitar
1998 Million Miles Away: Emo Diaries, Vol. 2 Engineer
1998 Lost on You Honey Engineer
1998 In, Through and Beyond Sparkle*Jets U.K. Engineer
1997 What's Mine Is Yours (The Emo Diaries) Engineer
1997 Waiting The Waiting Assistant Engineer
1997 Upstairs, Overlooking Joe Christmas Producer, Engineer
1997 Not Perfect Church of Rhythm Engineer
1997 Lovely Honey Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
1997 Don't Forget to Breathe Engineer, Balance Engineer
1996 Tickets for a Prayer Wheel Sixpence None the Richer Engineer, Mixing
1996 Super Deluxe Morella's Forest Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
1996 North to the Future Joe Christmas Assistant Engineer
1996 I...I Like Me! The Dell Griffiths Engineer
1996 Hang Out [EP] Morella's Forest Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Blue Belly Sky The Waiting Engineer
1996 Artcore, Vol. 1 [Tooth & Nail] Engineer
1996 Amazing and Thank You Luxury Engineer
1995 Mercury The Prayer Chain Engineer, Mixing
1995 Beyond December First Call Engineer
1994 One Moment Please Riki Michele Engineer
1993 Shawl The Prayer Chain Engineer, Mixing
1993 Reggae Worship, Vol. 1 Christafari Engineer
1993 Motor Cycle Daniel Amos Engineer
1993 Fall on Your World The Throes Engineer, Guitar (Electric)
1992 Screaming Brittle Siren Michael Knott Engineer, Feedback
1992 Johnny Bravo Joyride Engineer
1992 Grape Prophet L.S.U. Engineer
1990 Minier Minier Producer, Engineer
What If I Nathaniel Rateliff / Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Mastering Engineer
Survivor Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Mastering Engineer
Still Out There Running [Live at Red Rocks, 2020] Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer
Right On [Live at Red Rocks, 2020] Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer
Mavis [Live at Red Rocks, 2020] Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer
Love Don’t Nathaniel Rateliff / Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Mastering Engineer
Leaving the Yard Holly Nelson Mixing, Mastering
It's Not Supposed to Be That Way Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer
All or Nothing [Live at Red Rocks, 2020] Nathaniel Rateliff Mastering Engineer