Chris Appelgren


(1-88 of 88)
Year Album Artist
2008 Broken Record Prayers Comet Gain Group Member
2006 Acapulco Roughs Colossal Yes Artwork, Design
2006 Imagine the Shapes Drums
2005 City Fallen Leaves Comet Gain Telephone Samples
2004 Memory Lane State of Mind Composer
2004 Shake the Sheets Ted Leo Art Direction, Design, Construction
2004 Yesterday Rules The Mr. T Experience Design, Layout Design
2003 Lookout! Freakout, Vol. 3 Artwork, Composer
2003 Playing 4 Square, Vol. 3 Composer
2003 Punk Seven Inch CD, Vol. 1: 1988-1989 Construction
2003 Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead Ted Leo Artwork, Layout Design
2002 Can't Hear Nothin' Yesterday's Kids Layout Design
2002 Every Dog Will Have It's Day, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Fidatevi Ben Weasel Layout Design
2002 Girls Get Busy Bratmobile Design
2002 Good Health Pretty Girls Make Graves Design, Layout Design
2002 New Blood: The New Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Pleasant Screams The Queers Artwork, Layout Design
2002 Real Feelness The Pattern Vocals, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Logo, Composer
2002 Réalistes Comet Gain Drums
2002 Ten Years of Noise Pop: 1993-2002 Composer
2002 The Thing That Ate Floyd Layout Design
2001 Enemies & Pitch Black Enemies & Pitch Black Layout Design
2001 Everything Used to Be Better Yesterday's Kids Art Direction
2001 Jagged Thoughts American Steel Layout Concept
2001 Lookout! Freakout, Vol. 2 Layout Coordinator
2001 Non-Stop The Pattern Vocals, Group Member
2001 Sealed With a Kiss The Eyeliners Layout Design
2001 Songs for Cassavetes: An All Ages Film Composer
2001 The Donnas Turn 21 The Donnas Artwork
2001 The Wanna-Bes The Wanna-Bes Layout Design
2001 Today The Queers Artwork, Layout Design
2000 The Miracle of Shame The Mr. T Experience Artwork, Construction
1999 Alcatraz The Mr. T Experience Art Direction
1999 Get Skintight The Donnas Layout Design
1999 Life The Peechees Vocals, Composer
1999 Show Business Is My Life Dr. Frank Art Direction
1999 Underdogs & Infidels Lies Layout Design
1998 All Punk Rods: A Gearhead Magazine Compilation Composer
1998 More Lovin' From Our Oven Pansy Division Design
1998 Taking a Chance on Chances Composer
1997 Games People Play The Peechees Vocals, Composer
1997 More Bounce to the Ounce Graphic Design
1996 A Slice of Lemon Creation, Design, Layout Design
1996 Do the Math The Peechees Vocals, Composer
1996 Don't Back Down The Queers Layout Design
1996 Love Is Dead The Mr. T Experience Artwork
1995 ...And the Women Who Love Them The Mr. T Experience Artwork, Layout Design
1995 J.D. Salinger The Wynona Riders Executive Producer
1995 Move Back Home The Queers Artwork
1995 Now Potatomen Drums, Sleeve Art
1995 Tummy Wat Tyler Layout Design
1994 Beat Off The Queers Artwork, Layout Design
1994 On the Avenue Potatomen Drums, Sleeve Art
1994 Punk USA [Lookout] Artwork, Layout Design
1994 Satiate Avail CD Art Adaptation
1991 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Green Day Artwork, Research, Construction, Video Archives
1987 Night Shift at the Thrill Factory The Mr. T Experience Layout Concept
King Dork Approximately the Album The Mr. T Experience Jacket Design
The 1998 Mordam Records Sampler: This Ain't No Disco Composer