Chen Yi

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Chen was China's first woman to be awarded a master's degree in composition; she often incorporates Chinese instruments and melodies in her music.

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Tang Poems, cantata for male chorus 1997 Choral
Sakura, sakura, for male chorus (after a traditional Japanese song) 1994 Choral
Fengyang ge, for male chorus (after a traditional Chinese song) 1994 Choral
Monologue (Impression on "The True Story of Ah Q"), for solo clarinet 1993 Chamber Music
Diu diu deng, for male chorus (after a traditional Taiwanese song) 1994 Choral
Molihua (after a traditional Chinese song) Vocal Music
Chinese Ancient Dances, for clarinet & piano 2004 Chamber Music
Romance and Dance, for 2 violins & string orchestra 1995 Concerto
Shuo, for strings 1994 Orchestral
Bagatelles (3) from China West, for flute & piano Chamber Music
Tu, for orchestra 2002 Orchestral
Romance of Hsiao and Ch' in, for violin & piano 1999 Chamber Music
As in a dream, 2 songs for soprano, violin & cello 1988 Vocal Music
Yangko, for violin & 2 percussionists 2005 Chamber Music
Momentum, for orchestra 1998 Orchestral
Dragon Rhyme, for symphonic band 2010 Band Music
Ge Xu, Antiphony, for orchestra 1994 Orchestral
Night Thoughts, for flute, cello & piano 2004 Chamber Music
Qi, for flute, cello, piano & percussion 1996 Chamber Music
Duo Ye No. 2, for orchestra 1987 Chamber Music
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