While still in high school, pianist Thymme Jones was browsing the racks at a Hallmark greeting card store when he noticed a category of greeting cards labeled "CHEER-ACCIDENT." Since then, six lineups have passed through Jones' band Cheer-Accident, and it has endured the loss of one of its members. The group, which plays pop songs with off-kilter chord progressions, has released numerous albums and a handful of singles for labels such as Complacency, Pravda, Skin Graft, and, in 2009, Cuneiform. It was during the first few moments of 1981 at a New Year's party when Jones, vocalist Jim Drummond, and drummer Mike Greenlees decided to form a band. Jones couldn't get his Hallmark memory out of his mind and called the band Cheer-Accident. Various contributing musicians helped the band with the recording of their first album, Life Isn't Like ...
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Fear Draws Misfortune 2009 Fear Draws Misfortune
Introducing Lemon 2003 Introducing Lemon
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