Chastelain de Couci

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A French trouvere who is attributed with a number of songs. It is likely that the Chastelain belonged to a formidable family, so much so that he was thought to be the hero of a particular French story…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
A vous, amant, plus qu'a nulle autre gent 07:18 Vocal Music
Li nouveax temps et maiz et violete, for consort, R. 985 05:26 Chamber Music
Li departirs de la douce contree (dubious) 05:02 Vocal Music
A vous Amours 05:50 Miscellaneous (Classical)
La douce voiz du rosignol sauvage 06:10 Vocal Music
Quant voi este et le tens revenir, Reverdie with refrains 01:25
Li nouviautz tanz, chanson 03:51 Vocal Music
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