Primarily known as lead vocalist, pianist, and half of the London music hall-inspired rock duo Chas & Dave -- who enjoyed many early-'80s U.K. hits -- Hodges' professional career stretched back to the pre-Beatles rock & roll era. Long before forming a duo with Dave Peacock -- the duo would define him in the public eye -- Hodges worked with Joe Meek, Ritchie Blackmore, and Gene Vincent, among others. Although Chas & Dave's genesis coincided with the early-'70s pub rock era, they shared none of the menace of acts from that scene. Instead, the duo purveyed a brand of folk steeped in the iconography of pubs of working-class London and the tales of their patrons. Hodges, in turn, and for several decades, became the face of their wry, clever songs, which evoked a no-nonsense take on everyday life. Born in Edmonton -- formerly ...
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