Country singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Worsham makes music that blends the sound and feel of classic country with rock, rhythm & blues, and bluegrass, conjuring a soulful brew that has impressed fans and critics. His songs are often carefully drawn short stories based in the details of ordinary lives, while he also has a sense of humor that keeps his music from getting heavy, and the easygoing warmth of his voice suits his many stylistic adventures. Worsham's 2013 debut album was a polished country-pop effort, 2017's Beginning of Things gave him more room to show off the personal side of his songwriting, and the 2021 EP Sugarcane was a rootsy set steeped in both country and rock. Charlie Worsham was born September 1, 1985 in Jackson, Mississippi, and music became his main interest at a young age. He started on the ...
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Beginning of Things 2017 Beginning of Things
Rubberband 2013 Rubberband
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