Charles Wakefield Cadman

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Cadman, grandson of Samuel Wakefield, composer of hymns and builder of the first pipe organ west of the Allegheny Mountains, studied music privately with many distinguished teachers. During a period in…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
At Dawning, song for voice & piano (or orchestra), Op. 29 1906 Vocal Music
Four American Indian Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 45 1909 Vocal Music
From the Land of the Sky Blue Water Vocal Music
Thunderbird Suite for orchestra Orchestral
Legend of the Canyon, romance for violin & piano, Op. 68 1920 Chamber Music
I Hear a Thrush at Eventide, song ("Serenade") Vocal Music
Idealized Indian Themes for piano Keyboard
Shanewis, or The Robin Woman, opera 1918 Opera
Piano Trio in D major, Op. 56 1914 Chamber Music
Dark Dancers of the Mardi Gras, fantasy for piano & orchestra 1933 Concerto
Legend, for organ, Op. 30/1 Keyboard
The Riddle Song, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Song of the Nile, for voice & orchestra Vocal Music
Sonata for violin & piano in G 1930 Chamber Music
Little Firefly, for violin & piano Chamber Music
A Moonlight Song, Op 42/2 Vocal Music
To a Vanishing Race, for string orchestra (arranged from Op. 47/2) Orchestral
From the Long Room of the Sea, for voice, guitar, piano & percussion Vocal Music
The White Dawn is Stealing, for voice, guitar piano & percussion Vocal Music
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