Charles Tournemire

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A precocious child, Charles Tournemire was appointed organist of the church of St. Pierre in Bordeaux at the age of 11. He studied at the Conservatoire de Paris with César Franck and Charles-Marie Widor,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
L'orgue mystique: Cycle après la Pentecôte, suites Nos. 26-51 for organ, Op. 57 1931 Keyboard
L'Orgue Mystique: Cycle de Pâques, suites Nos. 12-25 for organ, Op. 56 1929 Keyboard
L'Orgue Mystique: Cycle de Noël, suites Nos. 1-11 for organ, Op. 55 1928 Keyboard
Chorale Improvisation on "Victimae Paschali," for organ Keyboard
Petites Fleurs Musicales, 40 easy pieces for organ, Op. 66 Keyboard
Chorals-Poèmes (7) on Seven Last Words of Christ, for organ, Op. 67 1935 Keyboard
Variæ Preces, 10 pieces for organ ("dans le style libre"), Op. 2 Keyboard
Improvisation sur le "Te Deum," for organ Choral
Préludes-Poèmes (12) for piano, Op. 58 1932 Keyboard
L'Orgue Mystique, 51 suites for organ, Opp. 55-57 Keyboard
Suite Evocatrice, for organ, Op. 74 1938 Keyboard
Improvisations (5) for organ Keyboard
Fantaisie Improvisation on "L'Ave Maris Stella," for organ Keyboard
Etudes de Chaque Jour, for piano, Op. 70 1935 Keyboard
Cantilène improvisée for organ Keyboard
Petite Rhapsodie improvisè, for organ Keyboard
Pâques (Dominica Resurrectionis), suite for organ (L'orgue mystique No. 17), Op. 56/6 Keyboard
Fresque Symphonique Sacrée, for organ No. 1, Op. 75 1938 Keyboard
23ème Dimanche après Pentecôte, suite for organ (L'orgue mystique No. 51), Op. 57/26 Keyboard
In Assumptione Beata Maria Virgine, suite for organ (L'orgue mystique No. 35), Op. 57/10 Keyboard
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