Cécile Chaminade

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Pianist/composer Cécile Chaminade is remembered for her piano salon music, especially Scarf Dance and The Flatterer.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concertino for Flute & Piano (or orchestra), Op. 107 1902 Concerto
Sérénade espagnole, for piano, Op. 150 1895 Keyboard
Etudes de concert, for piano, Op. 35 1885 Keyboard
Piano Trio No. 1 in G minor, Op. 11 1880 Chamber Music
Romances sans Paroles (6), for piano, Op. 76 Keyboard
Pas des écharpes (Scarf Dance), air de ballet for piano, Op. 37b/2 1888 Keyboard
La Lisonjera (The Flatterer), for piano, Op. 50 Keyboard
L'Anneau d'argent ("Le cher anneau d'argent"), for voice & piano, W284 1891 Vocal Music
L'Été ("Ah! Chantez, chantez!"), for voice & piano, W303 1894 Vocal Music
Les Sylvains (The Fauns), for piano, Op. 60 1892 Keyboard
Automne, concert etude for piano, Op. 35/2 1885 Keyboard
Pierette, for piano, Op. 41 Keyboard
Pièces Humoristiques, for piano, Op. 87 Keyboard
Poèmes Provencales, for piano, Op. 127 Keyboard
Callirhoë, air de ballet for piano, Op. 30 Keyboard
Album des Enfants Keyboard
Serenade for piano in D major, Op. 29 Keyboard
Viens! mon bien-aimé! (Les beaux jours vont enfin renaître), for voice & piano, W290 1892 Vocal Music
Sonata for piano in C minor, Op. 21 1895 Keyboard
Ronde d'amour (Ah! si l'amour prenait racine), for voice & piano, W311 1895 Vocal Music
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