Chad Johnson


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Year Album Artist
2009 Hell or High Water As Cities Burn A&R
2009 It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! mewithoutYou A&R
2009 Who Speaks for Planet Earth? And Then There Were None A&R
2008 Cruel to Be Young Jonezetta A&R
2008 Dreamer Haste the Day A&R
2008 Gold and the Sand Corey Crowder A&R
2008 I Swear Inhale/Exhale A&R
2008 I, Lucifer Destroy the Runner A&R
2008 Lost in the Sound of Separation Underøath A&R
2008 No Gift to Bring The Almost A&R
2008 Survive, Kaleidoscope Underøath A&R
2008 The Silver Cord The Classic Crime A&R
2008 There Came a Lion Ivoryline A&R
2007 Blueprints for City Friendships Anberlin A&R
2007 Cities Anberlin A&R
2007 Come Now Sleep As Cities Burn A&R
2007 Cover Your Eyes Sullivan A&R
2007 First Came the Law Once Nothing A&R
2007 Lost Songs Anberlin A&R
2007 Pressure the Hinges Haste the Day A&R
2007 Seattle Sessions The Classic Crime A&R
2007 Southern Weather The Almost A&R
2007 The Fiancee The Chariot A&R
2007 Tonight the Stars Speak The Glorious Unseen A&R
2007 Waking Giants Life in Your Way A&R
2007 When I Am God Oh A&R
2006 Albatross The Classic Crime A&R
2006 Brother, Sister mewithoutYou A&R
2006 Define the Great Line Underøath A&R
2006 Eager Seas Watashi Wa A&R
2006 Hey, I'm a Ghost Sullivan A&R
2006 Popularity Jonezetta A&R
2006 Saints Destroy the Runner A&R
2006 Suck out the Poison He Is Legend A&R
2006 The Lost the Sick the Sacred Inhale/Exhale A&R
2006 Vices Dead Poetic A&R
2005 Composure Waking Ashland A&R
2005 How the Lonely Keep Terminal A&R
2005 Last Chance to Breathe Spoken A&R
2005 Psychology Discover America Executive Producer
2005 Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest As Cities Burn A&R
2004 Catch for Us the Foxes mewithoutYou A&R
2004 Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead and Nothing Is Bleeding The Chariot A&R
2004 Hide Nothing Further Seems Forever A&R
2004 I Am Hollywood He Is Legend A&R
2004 New Medicines Dead Poetic A&R
2004 The Running EP Beloved A&R
2004 They're Only Chasing Safety Underøath A&R
2003 A Moment of Imperfect Clarity Spoken A&R
2003 Blueprints for the Black Market Anberlin A&R
2003 Destination: Beautiful Mae A&R
2003 Failure On Beloved A&R
2003 The Love of Life Watashi Wa A&R
2001 Stardust & Smog: Early Autumn Waltz at the Two Grandpa's Ghost Liner Notes
1999 Hellevator Music Bent Scepters Photography
Fearless Jonathan Nelson Assistant Engineer