California's Ceremony began as a turbulent hardcore band with a brutal sound that owed as much to old-school punk as it did to the unpredictable outbursts of grindcore. As they moved through their power violence beginnings in the mid-2000s, the group's sound morphed into considerably more melodic and gothic territory. The frothing punk energy that defined their 2006 debut, Violence, Violence, was all but unrecognizable from their Factory Records-indebted fifth album The L-Shaped Man, which arrived nine years later, and the more electronic touches of 2019's In the Spirit World Now. Ceremony formed in Rohnert Park, a town just outside of the Bay Area, in 2005. Made up of guitarists Ryan Mattos and Anthony Anzaldo, bassist Justin Davis, singer Ross Farrar, and drummer Jake Casarotti, they were briefly called Violent World before settling on ...
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