Several Center Divide members took to their instruments early. Joey Muller began sounding out nursery rhymes on his piano at age three and it later became his primary instrumental focus in the group. Todd Miller also took up piano at age three, then switched to bass in junior high. Ben Leinbach started as a pianist as well, then turned his talents to drums in high school. Justin Wells found his interest in singing, writing, and playing the guitar in junior high school and brought those skills forward into the band. Center Divide was formed in 1991 when group members Justin Wells, Joey Muller, and Todd Miller met as freshmen at Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire. Dorm jam sessions produced a fusion of folk, pop, and jazz -- a sound they liked so much they made a band out of it. Their first gig together was that fall at a coed fraternity.
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Lovelock to Winnemucca 2000 Lovelock to Winnemucca
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