Cecil Armstrong Gibbs

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Cecil Armstrong Gibbs is not one of the more widely performed and recorded English composers of the twentieth century, but his songs are highly regarded among connoisseurs and much of the rest of his…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Dusk, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Fancy Dress, dance suite for orchestra, Op 82 1936 Orchestral
Five Eyes, for voice & piano, Op. 15/2 (Op. 9/3) 1917 Vocal Music
Silver, for voice & piano, Op. 30/2 1920 Vocal Music
Songs from Crossings, for voice & piano 1920 Vocal Music
The Cherry Tree, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Ann's Cradle Song, for voice & piano, Op. 20/1 1919 Vocal Music
By a Bier-side ("This is a sacred city..."), for voice & piano 1924 Vocal Music
Hypochondriacus, for voice & piano 1949 Vocal Music
Love is a sickness Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Bells, for voice & piano, Op. 14/2 1918 Vocal Music
The Song of Shadows Vocal Music
The Splendour Falls, for voice & piano 1943 Vocal Music
The Tiger Lily, for voice & piano 1921 Vocal Music
Concertino for piano & string orchestra, Op. 103 1942 Concerto
Tom o' Bedlam, for voice & piano 1934 Vocal Music
The Wanderer, for voice & piano 1926 Vocal Music
Peacock Pie, suite for string orchestra & piano 1933 Concerto
The Ballad of Semmerwater, for voice & piano 1930 Vocal Music
Take heed, young heart, for voice & piano 1925 Vocal Music
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