Cécile Chaminade

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Pianist/composer Cécile Chaminade is remembered for her piano salon music, especially Scarf Dance and The Flatterer.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concertino for Flute & Piano (or orchestra), Op. 107 1902 Concerto
Sérénade espagnole, for piano, Op. 150 1895 Keyboard
Etudes de concert, for piano, Op. 35 1885 Keyboard
Piano Trio No. 1 in G minor, Op. 11 1880 Chamber Music
Romances sans Paroles (6), for piano, Op. 76 Keyboard
Pas des écharpes (Scarf Dance), air de ballet for piano, Op. 37b/2 1888 Keyboard
La Lisonjera (The Flatterer), for piano, Op. 50 Keyboard
L'Anneau d'argent ("Le cher anneau d'argent"), for voice & piano, W284 1891 Vocal Music
L'Été ("Ah! Chantez, chantez!"), for voice & piano, W303 1894 Vocal Music
Automne, concert etude for piano, Op. 35/2 1885 Keyboard
Les Sylvains (The Fauns), for piano, Op. 60 1892 Keyboard
Pierette, for piano, Op. 41 Keyboard
Album des Enfants Keyboard
Serenade for piano in D major, Op. 29 Keyboard
Pièces Humoristiques, for piano, Op. 87 Keyboard
Poèmes Provencales, for piano, Op. 127 Keyboard
Callirhoë, air de ballet for piano, Op. 30 Keyboard
Viens! mon bien-aimé! (Les beaux jours vont enfin renaître), for voice & piano, W290 1892 Vocal Music
Autrefois, for piano, Op. 87/4 Keyboard
Mots d'amour (Quand je te dis des mots lassés), for voice & piano, W331 1898 Vocal Music
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