Massachusetts-based rock band Cave In is known for music that's as sophisticated as it is hard hitting. Built from parts scavenged from heavy metal, indie rock, and progressive rock, early albums like 1998's Until Your Heart Stops documented Cave In's style featuring a strong thrash-metal accent along with a noisy undercurrent, but a greater sense of adventure came into focus on 2000's Jupiter, whose sound was likened to a cross between metalcore and Radiohead. The band adopted a more accessible attack, adding pop flavors to the edgy metal guitars for their major-label debut 2003's Antenna, but they dialed up the heaviness when they returned to the indies on releases like 2011's White Silence. The band was only sporadically active through the 2010s, but they returned to duty to honor a fallen comrade on 2019's Final Transmission. Hailing ...
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