Successful singer Castro Barbosa was the first to record one of the most important Brazilian songs of all time, the Carnival march "O Teu Cabelo Não Nega." The success of his long and fruitful career in radio and TV was registered in more than 82 albums and 148 songs. Barbosa was a worker in the Loide Brasileiro when was taken by a mate for a test in the Rádio Educadora. Auditioned by Almirante, was hired for his show. Introduced to the composer André Filho, he recorded his first album with Filho's marcha "Uvinha" and Heitor dos Prazeres's samba "Hás de Sentir" for Parlophon. After two other albums for that label, Barbosa was taken to the RCA Victor company by Paulo Neto, where he was presented to the artistic director Rogério Guimarães. Produced by the latter, Barbosa recorded "Cantar" (by his late brother Fernando Castro Barbosa) ...
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