Carl Orff

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Although his fame rests on the success of a single work, Carmina Burana, Orff was a multi-faceted musician and prolific composer.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Carmina Burana, scenic cantata for soloists, choruses & orchestra 1935 Choral
Catulli Carmina, scenic cantata for soloists, chorus & orchestra 1930 Choral
Trionfo di Afrodite, scenic concert in 7 scenes 1949 Choral
Orff-Schulwerk: Music for Children (5 volumes) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Der Mond, opera 1936 Opera
Antigonae, opera 1941 Opera
Die Kluge, opera 1941 Opera
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Orpheus, opera in 3 acts (adaptation of Monteverdi's "Orfeo") 1923 Opera
Concento di voci, pieces (3) for chorus Choral
Prometheus desmotes, opera 1963 Opera
Oedipus der Tyrann, opera 1957 Opera
Klage der Ariadne, stage work (adaptation of Monteverdi's "Lamento d'Arianna") 1925 Opera
Sunt lacrimae rerum, for 2-4 voices with optional instruments (from Orff-Schulwerk) 1932 Choral
De temporum fine comoedia, opera for soloists, chorus & orchestra 1962 Opera
Cantatas on texts of Werfel (Werkbuch I), complete, for chorus, piano & percussion 1930 Choral
Lieder (4) for high voice & piano, Op. 17 1912 Vocal Music
Ludus de nato Infante mirificus, Christmas opera 1960 Opera
Choruses (4) from "Catulli Carmina", for chorus Choral
Tanz der Spröden, ballet (adaptation of Monteverdi's ballet "Il ballo della ingrate") 1925 Ballet
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