New York quartet Car Bomb cultivated a harsh and extremely experimental take on metal, laying the foundation for mathcore and metalcore bands to follow. Combining the discordant guitar riffs with a twisted sense of humor and stop-on-a-dime dynamic and tempo shifts, Car Bomb pushed in extreme directions on their 2007 debut full-length Centralia. Car Bomb came together from two bands that shared the same rehearsal space in Rockville Center, New York, Neck and Spooge. Neck's guitarist Greg Kubacki and singer Michael Dafferner were playing a mathy, aggressive style of metal but were interested in moving into a more progressive direction (they cite Frank Zappa as a major influence), while bassist Jon Modell and drummer Elliot Hoffman of Spooge were playing a more technically ambitious brand of metal that already reflected some of the changes ...
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Centralia 2007 Centralia
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