Camila are a charting, Grammy-winning Mexican pop/rock act who arrived on the scene in 2005 as a hitmaking trio. Founded by award-winning composer, singer, and producer Mario Domm, together with his friends and colleagues guitarist Pablo Hurtado and Samo (Samuel Parra Cruz), Camila are among the most successful artists in Latin American music in sales, concert attendance, and chart history. Their seamless vocal harmonies, clever arrangements, and shiny production style have resonated with audiences in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, and the United States. All told, they have played hundreds of shows in 18 countries in front of millions of fans. Three of the singles from their debut album claimed the top spot on the Latin Songs charts ("Mientes," "Alejate de Mi," "Besame"), and nine more from their career have placed ...
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Dejarte de Amar 2010 Dejarte de Amar
Elypse 2014 Elypse
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