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Year Album Artist
2017 A Celebration of Early American Composers: Beach, Crawford, Ives Margaret Mills Record Label
2017 Canadian Panorama Ronald Royer / Winds of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Record Label
2016 Romancing Chopin Matthew Jaskiewicz / Toronto Sinfonietta Record Label
2016 Zenobia Powel Perry: Piano Works Ladoris Hazzard Cordell / Josephine Gandolfi / Deanne Tucker Record Label
2014 Deon Nielsen Price: Oneness Ayke Agus / Glendale Philharmonic Trio / Amanda Lo / Metro Chamber Orchestra / Philip Nuzzo Record Label
2014 New Friends / Old Friends Deon Nielsen Price Record Label
2013 Aroma Foliado Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2013 Songs of Madeleine Dring Wanda Brister / Stanford Olsen Record Label
2012 Visions of Liszt Rufus Choi Record Label
2010 Music of Zenobia Powell Perry Zenobia Powell Perry Record Label
2010 The Sari Biro Legacy Sari Biro Record Label
2009 A Musical Journey Rufus Choi Record Label
2009 Dancing on the Brink of the World Berkeley Price / John McLaughlin Williams Record Label
2009 William Kraft: Encounters Southwest Chamber Music / Tambuco Record Label
2009 Works by Moross, Still, Osborn & Dietz Toledo Clarinets Record Label
2008 A Light in the Forest Anne Roos Record Label
2007 Carlos Chavez: Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 4 Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2007 Chinary Ung: Aura; Oracle; Still Life After Death Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2007 Louisiana: A Pianist's Journey Kenneth Boulton Record Label
2007 Peggy Gilbert and the Dixie Belles Peggy Gilbert Record Label
2007 The Nightingale's Rhapsody: Music for Clarinet & Strings Jerome Summers Record Label
2006 Piano Music by J. S. Bach William Corbett-Jones Record Label
2005 Carlos Chávez: Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 3 Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2005 Ernesto Nazareth: Tangos Paul Posnak Record Label
2005 Night Breeze: Harp Music of Carlos Salzedo Sarah Schuster Ericsson Record Label
2004 Along the Western Shore Althea Waites Record Label
2004 Carlos Chávez: Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 2 Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2004 Hollywood Bowl Concert (1928) Eugene Goossens Record Label
2004 Mermaids & Mariners Anne Roos Record Label
2004 Piano Portraits William Wellborn Record Label
2004 The Legendary Fred Waring Broadcasts: Historic Live Performances (1939-1941) Les Paul Record Label
2003 Arias and Songs; Norwegian Songs Eva Gustavson Record Label
2003 Chávez: Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 1 Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2003 Koto Kist Mara Purl Record Label
2003 North Something Corporate Record Label
2003 Piano Nocturnes Jungran Kim Khwarg Record Label
2002 Charles Wuorinen: A Winter's Tale; Horn Trio; Horn Trio Continued; etc. Charles Wuorinen Record Label
2002 James Schwabacher: Tenor James Schwabacher Record Label
2002 Piano Works by Franz Schubert William Corbett-Jones Record Label
2002 Richard Felciano: An American Decameron Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2002 The Legendary Moscow Recordings Daniel Pollack Record Label
2001 Clariphonia Berkeley Price / Deon Nielsen Price Record Label
2001 Mozart's Last Thoughts, Vol. 1 Record Label
2001 Pièces Pittoresques: Piano Works by Chabrier & Debussy Margaret Mills Record Label
2001 Rachmaninov: Elegiac Piano Trio No. 2; Shostakovich: Piano No. 2 Compinsky Trio Record Label
2001 Reflections: Music by Árni Egilsson Record Label
2001 Simple Complications Rocky Winslow Record Label
2001 Tchaikovsky: Works for Violin and Orchestra Yuri Mazurkevich Record Label
2000 Alexander Goehr: Quintet "Five Objects Darkly"; Elliott Carter: Of Challenge and of Love Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Anthony Vazzana: Whispers and Chants; Buccina: Lamentazione Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Haste to the Wedding; Celtic Wedding Music Anne Roos Record Label
2000 John Cage: Atlas Eclipticalis; Lou Harrison: Suite for Violin and American Gamelan; Harry Partch: Barstow Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Kurt Weill: No Place to Go But Up Stefan Karlsson Record Label
2000 Levitch: Works For Orchestra Record Label
2000 Mel Powell: Haiku Settings; Two Prayer Settings; Settings; etc. Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Morton Subotnick: Echoes from the Silent Call of Girona; A Fluttering of Wings Morton Subotnick Record Label
2000 Richard Derby: Quintet for Flute, Strings and Piano; Duo for Horn and Piano; Soliloquy for Solo Horn Record Label
2000 Robert Linn: Divertimento for Oboe, 2 Horns and Strings; Frederick Lesemann: Sir Blue Slips a Trend Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Romantic Winds Missouri Quintet Record Label
2000 Southwest Chamber Music: Composer Portrait Series Record Label
2000 Stephen L. Mosko: Psychotropics; String Quartet; Rupuze for Flute and Guitar; etc. Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
2000 Sun Rays 2: City Views Record Label
2000 Taktakishvili: Balakiren Record Label
2000 Valentin Bibik, Vol. 2: Premonitions Continuum Record Label
2000 Wadada Leo Smith: Grand Oak Trees at Dawn; String Quartet No. 1; etc. Record Label
2000 Why Shouldn't I? Carol Merrill Record Label
2000 William Kraft: Music for String Quartet and Percussion; Ernst Krenek: Sonata for Solo Viola; Joan Hu Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
1999 A Treasury of Operatic Heroines, 1948-1967 Dorothy Warenskjold Record Label
1999 All the Sax You've Ever Dreamed Of Record Label
1999 Back to Brooklyn Dan Bellomy Record Label
1999 Coloring Outside of the Lines U.N.L.V. Jazz Ensemble Record Label
1999 Dark Side of the Muse Deborah H. Kavasch Record Label
1999 From the Rainbow: Music by Árni Egilsson Arnaeus Ensemble Record Label
1999 More Still Videmus Record Label
1999 Nice 'n' Easy Carl Fontana Record Label
1999 Out of the Earth: Music of Michael Matthews Record Label
1999 The Many Flavors of Bach: Piano Recital Jack Richard Crossan Record Label
1999 William Corbett-Jones William Corbett-Jones Record Label
1998 Christmas Album Las Vegas Brass Quintet Record Label
1998 Desert Whales Las Vegas Percussion Experience Record Label
1998 Kiev International Piano Competition: In Memory of Vladimir Horowitz Record Label
1997 A Halo of Dark Stars Pete Terry Record Label
1997 All the Sax You've Ever Dreamed of West Coast Saxophone Quartet Record Label
1997 Eugene Zador: Christopher Columbus; Studies for Orchestra Paul Freeman / Lazlo Halasz Record Label
1997 Fazil Say Fazil Say Record Label
1997 Kiev Camerata, Vol. 2 Kiev Camerata Record Label
1997 Music By Clifford Vaughan Record Label
1997 On Chestnut Ridge Record Label
1997 Piano music by John Beall Record Label
1997 The Body of a House: Music of Walter Blanton Record Label
1997 Valentin Bibik: Dies Irae Virko Baley Record Label
1997 Vocal Artistry of Marion Talley Marion Talley Record Label
1996 A Festive Sunday with William Grant Still Record Label
1996 Baley: Chamber Music, Vol. 3 Record Label
1996 Deon Nielsen Price: To the Children of War; Diversions; Crossroads' Alley Trio; L'Alma Jubilo; Big Sur Triptych; Hexa Record Label
1996 Jakob Gimpel at Ambassador Auditorium: All-Chopin Recital, May 11th, 1978 Jakob Gimpel Record Label
1996 Music Of Byong-Kon Kim Record Label
1996 Music of Madeleine Dring Leigh Kaplan Record Label
1996 Sax for the Season West Coast Saxophone Quartet Record Label
1996 Sounds and Perfumes Jack Richard Crossan Record Label
1996 The Violin Artistry of Louis Kaufman Louis Kaufman Record Label
1996 Tribute Jim Roseveare Record Label
1996 Árni Egilsson: Chamber Music Record Label
1995 David Maslanka: Wind Quintets Missouri Quintet Record Label
1995 Grieg: Music for Violin and Piano Arnold Belnick Record Label
1995 Leo Arnaud: Symphonic Française; Latin American Scenario; Olympic Fanfare Masatoshi Mitsumoto Record Label
1995 Leon Levitch: Ricordo di Mario; Fantasia for Oboe and Strings Leon Levitch Record Label
1995 Music of Grazyna Bacewicz: Violin Sonatas 3, 4, and 5; Partita Arnold Belnick Record Label
1995 Orpheus Singing: The Chamber Music of Virko Baley, Vol. 2 Continuum / New Juilliard Ensemble Record Label
1995 Simple Requests: New American Music for Computers and Live Performers Record Label
1995 Two Sides Leo Potts Record Label
1995 Virko Baley: Jurassic Bird Record Label
1995 Warren: Singing Earth Thomas Hampson Record Label
1995 You Must Remember This Gregg Nestor Record Label
1994 Frederic Chopin & Franz Liszt: Piano Works Jack Richard Crossan Record Label
1994 Germaine Tailleferre: Chamber Music Ruth Ehrlich Record Label
1994 Get on Board: American Music for Woodwinds by William Grant Still Sierra Wind Quintet Record Label
1994 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Romancero Tinturin Duo Record Label
1994 Piano Works by Miklós Rózsa Eric Parkin Record Label
1994 Schumann: Carnaval, Op. 9; Chopin: Fantasie in F minor Esther Lee Kaplan Record Label
1994 Tinturin Duo Romancero Gitano Record Label
1994 Urban Classical: The Music of Ed Bland Record Label
1993 Black Diamonds Althea Waites Record Label
1993 Choral Music of Twentieth Century Americans UCLA Madrigal Singers Record Label
1993 Fauré, Sibelius, Diciedue: Three Romantic Violin Concerti Mischa Lefkowitz Record Label
1993 Hark, How the Bells UCLA Madrigal Singers / UCLA Singers Record Label
1993 Leonard Pennario: Film Themes and Variations Leonard Pennario Record Label
1993 Margaret Mills Plays Piano Margaret Mills Record Label
1993 Sergei Prokofiev: Music for Violin and Piano Record Label
1993 The Music of William Kraft Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Record Label
1992 Adventures in Music-Making The Haddens Record Label
1992 Another View Sierra Wind Quintet Record Label
1992 Korngold in Vienna Max Schönherr Record Label
1992 Prokofiev, Poulenc: Chamber Music Southwest Chamber Music Record Label
1991 Classic Mancini: The Classic Film Scores of Henry Mancini Gregg Nestor Record Label
1991 Ernest Gold: Chamber Works Record Label
1991 Martinu Concerto No. 2; Khachaturian: Concerto, etc. Louis Kaufman Record Label
1990 Mediterranean Impressions Gregg Nestor Record Label
1990 To Stir a Dream Record Label
1990 Warren: The Legend of King Arthur Record Label
1989 A Box Of Views Sierra Wind Quintet Record Label
1989 A Musical Portrait Austin Miskell Record Label
1989 Arte Antica Perform Works by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Record Label
1989 Elinor Remick Warren: Good Morning, America!; Suite for Orchestra; Symphony in One Movement; The Crystal Lake Szymon Kawalla / Efrem Zimbalist Record Label
1989 From the Operas of Erich Wolfgang Korngold Record Label
1988 Fantastic Voyage With The North Wind Quintet North Wind Quintet Record Label
1988 Mischa Lefkowitz Performs Virtuoso Violin Record Label
1987 Art Songs by Elinor Remick Warren Elinor Remick Warren Record Label
1980 The Janet Lawson Quintet Janet Lawson / Janet Lawson Quintet Record Label
1962 Sodom and Gomorrah [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Miklós Rózsa Record Label
Ambassador Concert - Chopin Record Label
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas Peter Takács Record Label
Chamber Music By Miklos Rozsa Record Label
Crossed My Heart Steve Uhler Record Label
Dixieland Jazz Peggy Gilbert Record Label
Dizzy Fingers Leigh Kaplan Record Label
Echoes and Encores Eva Gustavson Record Label
I Remember Record Label
Jakob Gimpel at Ambassador Auditorium Jakob Gimpel Record Label
Kaleidoscope Raymond Burley / Gregg Nestor Record Label
Keyboard Expressions: Works by Ruth Schonthal Gary Steigerwalt Record Label
Le Premier Matin du Monde Wanda Brister / Mary Dibbern Record Label
Lenox Avenue: The Music of William Grant Still Claudine Carlson / Louis Kaufman Record Label
Meditation and Overtones Margaret Mills Record Label
Nikolai Miaskovsky: Cello Concerto, Op. 66; Cello Sonatas Ovidiu Marinescu Record Label
Piano Impromptus Jungran Kim Khwarg Record Label
Premieres Conrad Chow Record Label
Roger Nixon & William Corbet-Jones play Mozart William Corbett-Jones / Roger Nixon Record Label
Ruby Elzy In Song (1935-1942) Ruby Elzy Record Label
Sampler Disc For 8800 Series Record Label
Shades of Dring Chamber Jazz Record Label
Songs by American Women Composers/Various Record Label
Songs from Early Radio and Television Dorothy Warenskjold Record Label
Sound of History: 1914-1945 Record Label
The Hollywood Flute of Louise Di Tullio Louise di Tullio Record Label
The Music Of Beverly Grigsby Record Label
Twentieth Century Cello Gilberto Munguia Record Label
William Grant Still: Troubled Island - World Premiere William Grant Still Record Label
Works for Symphonic Band: William Grant Still, Florence Price Patricia Hoy / Northern Arizona University Wind Ensemble Record Label