Cam headed a generation of mainstream singer/songwriters who didn't quite adhere to the confines of either pop or country. Her reluctance to follow the conventions of either of her chosen genres resulted in a winding career path -- through no lack of artistic inspiration, it took her a good five years to deliver The Otherside, the sequel to her 2015 debut Untamed -- and also generated rich, distinctive music. "Burning House," a ballad pitched halfway between Fleetwood Mac and the Chicks, is an example of her potency, a song with an indelible melancholy melody that gave her a crossover smash in 2015. Another hit of equal magnitude may not have quickly followed "Burning House," but Untamed and the subsequent singles "Diane" and "Classic" showed how she could play with modern pop textures and classic country songwriting, a combination that ...
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The Otherside 2020 The Otherside
Untamed 2015 Untamed
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