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Year Album Artist
2022 Water to Drink Not Write About Florence + the Machine Violin
2022 My Favorite Ghosts Florence + the Machine Violin
2022 Harder Than Hell Florence + the Machine Violin
2022 For All Our Days That Tear the Heart Jessie Buckley / Bernard Butler Violin
2021 Powerplant Woodkid Violin
2021 Distractions Tindersticks String Quartet
2020 S16 Woodkid Violin
2020 Pale Yellow Woodkid Violin
2020 Misbehaviour [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Dickon Hinchliffe Violin
2019 PONY Rex Orange County Violin
2019 No Treasure But Hope Tindersticks Violin
2019 High Life Stuart Staples Violin
2018 Arrhythmia Stuart Staples Violin
2016 The Waiting Room Tindersticks String Section
2015 Paradis Perdus Christine and the Queens Violin
2015 Good Souls: The Greatest Hits Starsailor Violin
2015 Cradle to the Grave Squeeze Strings, Violin
2015 Christine and the Queens Christine and the Queens Violin
2015 Blood Lianne La Havas Violin
2014 Ypres Tindersticks Arranger, Violin
2014 Tough Love Jessie Ware Violin
2014 Chaleur Humaine Christine and the Queens Violin
2013 Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake Violin
2013 Across Six Leap Years Tindersticks Violin, String Arrangements, String Section, String Transcription, String Quartet
2011 When You Grow Up Priscilla Ahn Violin
2011 The Sea Melanie C Violin
2011 Passenger Lisa Hannigan Violin, Cello
2011 Claire Denis Film Scores: 1996-2009 Tindersticks Violin
2011 Another Year/Happy-Go-Lucky [Original Scores] Gary Yershon Violin
2010 Where the Oceans End Cocoon Violin
2010 The Family Jewels MARINA / Marina and the Diamonds Violin
2010 The Runaway The Magic Numbers Violin
2010 I Am Not a Robot Marina and the Diamonds Violin
2009 Wild Young Hearts The Noisettes Violin
2009 Turn It Up Pixie Lott Violin
2009 There Are No Goodbyes Sophia Violin, Viola, String Arrangements
2009 The Kinks Choral Collection Crouch End Festival Chorus / Ray Davies String Arrangements, Violin
2009 Just Dance, Vol. 2 Violin
2009 Hopetown House Clara & The Real Lowdown / Clara Sanabras & the Real Lowdown / Clara Sanabras Violin
2009 15 x 15: A Celebration of 15 Years of the Big Chill Violin
2008 The Hungry Saw Tindersticks Violin, String Arrangements, Violin Arrangement
2008 More Stories UNKLE Strings
2008 Let It Go Will Young Violin
2008 Bent Out of Shape Leon Jean-Marie Violin
2007 War Stories UNKLE Banjo
2007 Undecided The Magic Numbers Violin
2007 The Passion of Edith Piaf Édith Piaf Composer
2007 The Boy with No Name Travis Violin
2007 Play with the Changes 4hero Main Personnel, Violin
2007 Over the Rainbow Connie Talbot Violin
2007 No Man's Woman: Tribute to Women in Voice Violin
2007 Megaphone Theology: B Sides and Rarities My Life Story Violin
2007 Autumn Fallin' Jaymay Guest Artist, Violin
2007 A Book Like This Angus & Julia Stone Violin
2006 Whole & the Half Morenas Violin
2006 Victory for the Comic Muse The Divine Comedy Violin
2006 Those the Brokes The Magic Numbers Additional Personnel, Violin
2006 The Great Edith Piaf [Red X] Édith Piaf Composer
2006 Technology Won't Save Us Sophia Arranger, Violin, String Arrangements, Musician
2006 La Vie en Rose [Great Voices of the Century] Édith Piaf Composer
2006 L' Hymne a l'Amour [Pulse] Édith Piaf Composer
2006 Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions James Blunt Violin
2006 British Legends Violin
2005 Mirabilis Mediæval Bæbes Member of Attributed Artist, Violin
2005 La Romance de Paris Composer
2005 Keeping Mum [Original Soundtrack] Dickon Hinchliffe Violin
2005 Here Come the Tears The Tears Strings
2004 Silence Is Easy Starsailor Violin
2004 Plus Grandes Chansons, Vol. 1 Édith Piaf Composer
2004 Me & My Love David Kitt Violin
2004 Little Sparrow [Dynamic] Édith Piaf Composer
2004 Labyrinth Juno Reactor Member of Attributed Artist, Violin
2004 Anthology: l'Accordéoniste, Vol. 1 Édith Piaf Composer
2003 Waiting for the Moon Tindersticks Violin
2003 The Other Side of Daybreak Beth Orton Violin
2003 Souvenirs... Édith Piaf Composer
2003 Pass in Time: The Definitive Collection Beth Orton Violin
2003 Lilith Jean-Louis Murat Violin
2003 44 Original Recordings Édith Piaf Composer
2002 World Of Édith Piaf Composer
2002 The Very Best of Edith Piaf [Very Best] Édith Piaf Composer
2002 The Legends Collection Édith Piaf Composer
2002 Love and Passion Édith Piaf Composer
2002 Daybreaker Beth Orton Violin
2001 Mon Legionnaire [Proper] Édith Piaf Composer
2001 Les 100 Plus Belles Chansons d'Edit Édith Piaf Composer
2001 Legendary Edith Piaf, Vol. 1 Édith Piaf Composer
2001 La Vie en Rose [Goldies] Édith Piaf Composer
2001 Intégrale 1935-1947 [Box Set] Édith Piaf Composer
2000 1936: Gold Music Édith Piaf Composer
1999 Stolen Car [#2] Beth Orton Violin
1999 Simple Pleasure Tindersticks Violin, String Section
1999 Emoticons Ben & Jason Violin
1999 Central Reservation Beth Orton Violin
1999 Can We Start Again [#1] Tindersticks Composer
1997 Selection of Edith Piaf Édith Piaf Composer
1997 La Julie Jolie Édith Piaf Composer
1997 Curtains Tindersticks Violin
1996 The Grand Parade The Frank and Walters Violin
1996 Mon Legionnaire [Mudisque de France] Édith Piaf Composer
1996 Amour Du Mois de Mai/Mon Legionnaire Édith Piaf Composer
1995 Tindersticks [II] Tindersticks Strings
1990 L' Integrale 1936-1945 Édith Piaf Composer
1989 Edith Piaf, Vol. 1: 1936 [DRG] Édith Piaf Composer
Лучшие хиты: Зимний чилл [Luchshiye Khity: Zimniy Chill] Violin
villain vibes Violin
villain energy Violin
Zona Alternativa Violin
You & Me [2021] Violin
Yang Paling Viral Violin
Working Working Violin
Working Class Heroes Violin
Work From Home Violin
Welcome Summer Time to travel Violin
Weekend Getaway [2021] Violin
Warm Core Woodkid Violin
Voice: Kesähitit 2000-2010 Violin
Viral Smash Hits Violin
Viral Nih! Violin
Viral Hits, Vol. 12 Violin
Valentine's Date Night Violin
Vaccine of Sadness Violin
Upbeat Indie Alternative Violin
Trending Summer Hits 2021, Vol. 2 Violin
Trending Songs 2021 Violin
Trending Pop 2021 Violin
Trending Now,Vol. 27 Violin
Trending Now, Vol. 26 Violin
Trending Now, Vol. 25 Violin
Trending Music 2021 Violin
Trending Hits Belgium 2021 Violin
Top Trending Hits, Vol. 2 Violin
Tie Me Down Violin
Throwback Summer Hits Violin
The Visitors Cyclobe Violin
The Most Viral Tracks Violin
Temazos Románticos Violin
Tardes de Lluvia Violin
Summer of Pop Violin
Summer Viral Hits Violin
Summer Summer Summer Violin
Summer Party 2021 Violin
Summer Nostalgia Violin
Sretno Valentinovo Violin
Songs for Pride 2022 Violin
Sonando pop en Ingles Violin
Soft Pop V.02 Violin
Soft Indie Violin
Social Distancing Violin
Snowy Days Violin
Slow Dance First Dance Violin
Self-Care Sunday Violin
Rock Viral Violin
Roadtrip Hits Violin
Reunion Con Amigos, Vol. 1 Violin
Relaxing Time Violin
Relax Soak Unwind Violin
Rainy Sunday Morning Violin
Radar de Éxitos: Lentos Violin
Radar Romántico Violin
Que temones Violin
Quarantine [Universal] Violin
Puros Temazos Violin
Puro Chill, Vol. 2 Violin
Puro Chill, Vol. 1 Violin
Pure Love [2021] Violin
Pra Namorar Violin
Pop the Beat Violin
Pop en Ingles 2010 Violin
Pop Para Trabalhar Violin
Pop Music Violin
Pop Hits Always Violin
Pool Party [June, 2021] Violin
Pilates [Rhino] Violin
Paraíso Alternativo Violin
Nostalgia Alternativa Violin
Noches Tristes Violin
Noches Alternativas Violin
NGX: Ten Years of Neon Gold Violin
My Sweet Valentine [2021] Violin
Morning Mix, Vol. 1 Violin
Mood Otoñal Violin
Momentos Indie Violin
Momento Épico Violin
Mix/Chill/Top Violin
Mix-Chill-Hits Violin
Mix and Chill Violin
Mental Health Month 2021 Violin
Massive Hits!: Rock Violin
Marc Riley Sessions, Vol. 4 The Wedding Present Violin
Lovers on a Trip Violin
Loved Up [2021] Violin
Love Is in the Air [2021] Violin
Live in London Chris Standring String Section
Light of Love Florence + the Machine Violin
Indie Women Violin
Indie Summer 2022 Violin
Indie Rockers [Universal] [2021] [#2] Violin
Indie Para Estudar Violin
Indie Jams Violin
Indie Covers Violin
In the Mix [2021] Violin
IT'S VIRAL 2021 Violin
I Want You Out in the Pouring Rain Violin
I Love You Mom [Universal] Violin
I Am Bored Violin
Home Workout Violin
Home Sweet Home Hits Violin
Hold Me Up Tie Me Down Violin
Hipster Trends Violin
Himnos Hipster Violin
Heart of Sky Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons Violin
Greatest Covers Ever Violin
Good Vibes de Siempre Violin
Global Sounds Violin
Girl Gang Violin
Friends Never Fail Violin
Friday Afternoon Playlist Violin
Footnotes on the Map Jessie Buckley / Bernard Butler Violin
Fly Away Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons Violin
Female Pop Hits 2021 Violin
Feedback Loop Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons Violin
Fall Roadtrip Violin
Fall Indie Violin
Emotional Hits Violin
Días Lluviosos [2021] Violin
Dosis Hipster Violin
Disfruta de la Musica Violin
De Nachten Sophia Violin
Dan Zaljubljenih Violin
Dalok Valentin-napra 2021 Violin
Dalok Teli Reggelekre Violin
Covers Violin
Colección definitiva Pop Violin
Clean Pop Violin
Classic Covers [Universal] Violin
Class of '18 Violin
Cita Chill Violin
Chilling Out 24.7 Violin
Chilled Summer Soundtrack Violin
Chill at Work Violin
Chill Vacations Violin
Chill Track Hits Violin
Chill Mood Violin
Chill Moments Violin
Chill Mix Hits Violin
Chicas Night Violin
Celebrate Women Violin
Calming Music Violin
Brand New Hits Violin
Biggest Songs of the 2000s Violin
Best Recordings, Vol. 2 Édith Piaf Composer
Best Covers Ever Violin
Beach BBQ Violin
As Mais Virais de 2021 Violin
Anglo x Ever Violin
Amanecer Chill Violin
Alternative Heat Violin
Alternative Fun Violin
Alternativa Chill Violin
Alt Pop Hits Violin
All Time Viral Songs Violin
Afternoon Tunes Violin
Afternoon Songs Violin
Accordeon: l'Integrale Édith Piaf Composer
A Colors Show Woodkid Violin
7 Blood Blair Jollands Orchestration
2010s Rock for Kids Violin
2010 POP Hits [Rhino] Violin
2000s Indie Nostalgia Violin

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