Bruno Mantovani

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Mantovani has written music for many different artists and ensembles, especially orchestras, and was named head of the Paris Conservatoire in 2010.

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Cello Concerto 2003 Concerto
Pièces (5) pour Paul Klee, for cello & piano 2007 Chamber Music
Le sette Chiese, for ensemble 2002 Chamber Music
Un mois d'octobre, for bassoon & piano Chamber Music
D'une seule voix, for violin & cello 2007 Chamber Music
Mit Ausdruck, for bass clarinet & orchestra 2003 Concerto
Poèmes de János Pilinszky (5), for chamber chorus 2004 Choral
Geistliche Gedichte (4), for chamber chorus 2007 Choral
Tocar, for harp Chamber Music
Moments musicaux (8), for violin, cello & piano 2008 Chamber Music
Suonare, for piano 2006 Keyboard
All'ungarese, for violin & piano 2009 Chamber Music
Eclair de Lune, for 3 instrumental groups & electronics 2006 Chamber Music
Jeux d'eau, for violin & orchestra 2011 Concerto
Haunted Nights, for percussion & ensemble Chamber Music
Komm, Jesu, Komm, cantata No. 4 for chorus, accordion & cello 2012 Choral
Monde évanoui, for double chorus ("Fragments pour Babylone") 2007 Choral
Le Grand Jeu, for percussion & electronics 1999 Chamber Music
Si près, si loin, fantasy for 2 instrumental groups & 2 pianos 2006 Chamber Music
Face à Face, for clarinet quartet Chamber Music
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