Bruce Leighton


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Year Album Artist
2009 The Nutcracker Suite The Conscious Daughters Engineer
2009 The Time Has Come Easop Engineer
2008 Acid Reflex Paris Engineer, Guitar
2007 Remix of a Nation Public Enemy Engineer, Audio Engineer, Editing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Digital Mixing
2006 Big Breaded Young Ed Engineer, Mixing
2006 Hard Truth Soldiers, Vol. 1 Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 Rebirth of a Nation Public Enemy Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 To Save the World Freex Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Bass
2006 Turf War Syndrome T-K.A.S.H. Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 West Coast Offense Mac Boo-Rue Engineer, Guitar
2005 Next 2 Blow Sav Lyf Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Platinum Series: Classic Beats & Breaks, Vol. 1 Editing, Digital Mixing
2004 Platinum Series: Classic Beats & Breaks, Vol. 2 Editing, Digital Mixing
2003 Sonic Jihad Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
2002 Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis Andre Nickatina Guitar
2001 Hits, Vol. 2: Ganked & Gaffled Spice 1 Engineer
1999 Playaz & Ballaz Mastering
1998 Hits Spice 1 Engineer, Mixing
1998 Unleashed Paris Engineer, Digital Editing, Composer
1996 Addicted to Drama Blackjack Digital Editing
1994 AmeriKKKa's Nightmare Spice 1 Engineer
1994 Guerrilla Funk Paris Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
1993 Kill My Landlord The Coup Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Keyboards
1993 Street 2 Da Grave Blackjack Engineer
1992 Sleeping with the Enemy Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
1992 Spice 1 Spice 1 Engineer, Mixing
1990 The Devil Made Me Do It Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
Journal Extended Dday One Mastering
Journey to the Underworld Stinking Lizaveta Mastering
Peering Into the Darkness Fiji Mastering
Polyvision Darsombra Mastering