Bruce Leighton


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Year Album Artist
2009 The Nutcracker Suite The Conscious Daughters Engineer
2009 The Time Has Come Easop Engineer
2008 Acid Reflex Paris Engineer, Guitar
2007 Remix of a Nation Public Enemy Engineer, Audio Engineer, Editing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Digital Mixing
2006 Big Breaded Young Ed Engineer, Mixing
2006 Hard Truth Soldiers, Vol. 1 Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 Rebirth of a Nation Public Enemy Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 To Save the World Freex Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Bass
2006 Turf War Syndrome T-K.A.S.H. Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
2006 West Coast Offense Mac Boo-Rue Engineer, Guitar
2005 Next 2 Blow Sav Lyf Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Platinum Series: Classic Beats & Breaks, Vol. 1 Editing, Digital Mixing
2004 Platinum Series: Classic Beats & Breaks, Vol. 2 Editing, Digital Mixing
2003 Sonic Jihad Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
2002 Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis Andre Nickatina Guitar
2001 Hits, Vol. 2: Ganked & Gaffled Spice 1 Engineer
1999 Playaz & Ballaz Mastering
1998 Hits Spice 1 Engineer, Mixing
1998 Unleashed Paris Engineer, Digital Editing, Composer
1996 Addicted to Drama Blackjack Digital Editing
1994 AmeriKKKa's Nightmare Spice 1 Engineer
1994 Guerrilla Funk Paris Engineer, Editing, Digital Mixing
1993 Kill My Landlord The Coup Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Keyboards
1993 Street 2 Da Grave Blackjack Engineer
1992 Sleeping with the Enemy Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
1992 Spice 1 Spice 1 Engineer, Mixing
1990 The Devil Made Me Do It Paris Editing, Digital Mixing
Journey to the Underworld Stinking Lizaveta Mastering
Peering Into the Darkness Fiji Mastering
Polyvision Darsombra Mastering