Brian Schwab


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Year Album Artist
2015 Aggressive Hippies Marbin Mixing, Mastering
2015 Prime Numbers Brad Myers / Brad Myers Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2014 The Third Set Marbin Mastering
2012 Bassprint Marlene Rosenberg Mixing, Mastering
2012 Purpose Buddy Fambro Mixing, Engineer
2012 Upper West Side Story Bobby Broom Mixing
2011 New Gospel Marquis Hill Mastering
2011 Suspended Reality Mark O'Connor Engineer, Mixing
2009 Blues for Mel Kyle Asche Audio Engineer, Mixing
2009 Dream Of Sunny Days Marc Courtney Johnson Audio Engineer
2009 Good vs. Evil Majors Junction Trumpet, Mastering
2009 Involved Kobie Watkins Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2009 Joy Not Jaded Josh Moshier Mixing
2008 Fall Night Mitch Paliga Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Over Here Over Heard Dan Cray Engineer, Mixing
2008 Remembering the Way Home Steve Million Mastering
2008 The Next Level Sekou Bunch Engineer
2008 Urban Nomad Geof Bradfield Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Angles of Refraction James Davis Engineer, Mixing
2007 Atlas Four Eunice Yi Quartet Engineer
2007 Breathing Space Ben Paterson Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2007 Collage Collage Engineer, Mixing
2007 Duncannon Shenanigan The Renegades Mastering
2007 Mr. H Junior The Moshier-Lebrun Collective Mixing
2007 Scenes The Jigawatt Trio Mixing
2007 Song and Dance Bobby Broom Engineer, Mixing
2007 The Adventures Of The Dan Karlsberg Group The Dan Karlsberg Group Mixing
2006 La Tira La Tira Engineer, Mixing, Trumpet, Mastering
2006 Passages Scott Burns Mixing
2005 Blithe Moments Mitch Paliga Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Crossroads Tim Coffman Engineer, Mixing
2005 End of Time Nia Quintet Producer, Mixing
2005 Human Motion Human Motion Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 In Walked Pierre John Goldman Engineer
2005 Save Us Dan Cray Engineer, Mixing
2005 The Hook Up Kyle Asche Mixing
2004 Auburn Collection Erin McDougald Engineer
2004 Earth Sign Tim McNamara Engineer, Mixing
2004 Misconception Ted Hogarth Mixing, Main Personnel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2004 No One Dan Cray Engineer, Mixing
2004 The Summer Knows Jeff Hedberg Engineer
2003 Batizado Scottinho Mixing
2002 8II: Infinite Love Masque Trumpet, Trumpet (Muted), Soloist
2001 I'll Be Your Mule Steve Freund Trumpet
2000 Donde Estas? Latin X-Posure Trumpet
1999 Alivexchange Ray's Music Exchange Mixing
1998 Lady Bird CCM Jazz Ensemble Trumpet
A Wonderful Thing Rob Ryndak Mastering
Abstract Quantities Chad McCullough / Bram Weijters Mastering
Birdhoused Geof Bradfield Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Chi-Raq Editing, Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer, Trumpet
Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit John Moulder Mastering
Essential Elements Ben Paterson Mastering Engineer
Gift Horse Mark Minelli Trumpet
Hair Dryers Ryan Shultz Quintet / Ryan Shultz Mastering, Assistant
Holiday Swingin' David Ricard Big Band Mastering
In Circles Spin Quartet Mixing, Mastering
In the Ivory Set Matt Ulery Mastering
Lady Bird Alyssa Allgood Mixing, Mastering
Live Work & Play Caroline Davis Quartet / Caroline Davis Mixing, Mastering
Loom/Large Festival Matt Ulery Mastering
Mandala Black Diamond Mastering
Movement Kobie Watkins Mastering
New Spaces Jarod Bufe Mixing, Mastering
Outside In Dan Cray Mastering
Parts Unknown John McLean / Clark Sommers Mastering
Primal Existence Mamutrio Mastering
Sanguinaria (Hopefulsongs) Brad Myers / Michael Sharfe Mastering
Slow Burn Terry Bartolotta / Terry Bartolotta Group Mixing, Mastering
Suite Réunion Piet Verbist Mastering
The Good Land Lesser Lakes Trio Mastering
The Stillness of Motion Scott Hesse Mixing, Mastering
This Is Not The Ending Information Superhighway Mastering
This Side of Morning Keri Johnsrud Mastering
Time Never Pauses Hans Luchs Mixing, Mastering
Twin Talk Twin Talk Mastering
Undisclosed Location Dan Murphy Mixing
Words and Music Jeannie Tanner Mastering