Brian Hoffa


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Year Album Artist
2011 Ashes of the Wake/Sacrament Lamb of God Assistant
2006 Barcelona Soft Complex Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Loose Change Gaskets Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2006 Sacrament Lamb of God Assistant
2005 Ladies' Night Assistant Engineer
2005 Nothing Is Straight in My House The Saints Assistant Engineer
2004 Indian Summer Carbon Leaf Engineer, Mixing
2004 New Roman Times Camper Van Beethoven Engineer
2004 Tanakh Tanakh Engineer
2004 You Kill Me Sukilove Engineer
2003 5 Alive! Carbon Leaf Engineer
2003 Countrysides Cracker Engineer
2003 Measurement Spokane Engineer
2003 Street Child Elan Assistant Engineer
2003 The Howling Hex Neil Michael Hagerty Engineer, Mixing
2002 Demo Zetamale Producer, Engineer
2002 Forever Cracker Assistant Engineer
2002 Hey, Hey, Hey! Susan Greenbaum Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Omnichord
2002 Spirituals Brother JT3 Engineer
2001 Break the Silence Buzby Engineer
2001 Echo Echo Carbon Leaf Engineer
2001 The Proud Graduates Spokane Engineer
2000 July to October Lazycain Engineer
2000 Leisure and Other Songs Spokane Drums
2000 Needle and Thread Agents of Good Roots Engineer
2000 Songs of Patrick Phelan Patrick Phelan Engineer, Mixing, Trap Kit
2000 Tableside Manners Drunk Engineer, Mixing, Trap Kit
1999 Celebrate Kitty Engineer, Bass
1999 E Luxo So Labradford Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1999 Shark Bait Magnet Engineer
1999 Wake Up! Susan Greenbaum Engineer