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Year Album Artist
2016 Anti Rihanna Composer
2010 Unheard Kevin Odekirk Mastering
2010 Alan Wake [Original Score] Petri Alanko Mastering
2009 Viva Pinata Mastering
2009 Rest Disreflect Remastering
2009 Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts [Original Soundtrack] Mastering
2009 Bad Dreams Saudade Audio Engineer, Remastering
2008 The Thought Chapter Color Theory Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Composer
2008 Synthpop: Clubanthems, Vol. 5 Remastering
2008 One Week in August Days of Falling Mastering
2008 Death Club Entertainment LXT Mastering
2007 Without This You Can Never Change Space March Mastering, Mixing Consultant
2007 Setup Virtual Server Composer, Featured Artist
2007 Scythe Dimension Zero Mastering
2007 Hot Tub O' Blood Mystechs Mastering
2007 Fumbling with the Covers Naked Eyes Mastering
2007 Art of Survival I Mastering, Mixing Consultant
2006 Escape from Planet Love Mystechs Mastering
2006 Butterfly Radio Avenpitch Mastering
2006 Bubblewrapped The Electroluvs Mastering
2005 What's That Sound [EP] Firefox AK Mastering
2005 Disco Related Injury Le Mans Mastering
2004 White Label Mix Series, Vol. 1 Kool Keith Mastering
2004 Oblivion Real Life Mastering
2004 Nameless and the Faceless Mystic Underground Mastering
2004 Imperfection Real Life Mastering
2004 Have You Ever Touched a Dream? Day Behavior Mastering
2004 Establishing Alpha Alien #Six13 Mastering
2003 While We Can Droom Mastering
2003 Universe Wideband Network Mastering
2003 The Winter of Our Discontent The Echoing Green Mastering
2003 The Space Age Electro Pop: The New Wave of the New Century Mastering
2003 State of Synthpop Producer, Digital Mastering, Composer
2003 Reconnect Iris Mastering
2003 Power Voice Industrie Mastering
2003 In-Flight Cosmicity Mastering
2003 Further Intuition Mastering
2003 Every Second Neuropa Mastering
2003 Entertainment System Monster Zero Mastering
2003 Condo Life Fidgital Vibraphone, Mastering, Interviewer
2003 Color Theory Presents Depeche Mode Color Theory Producer, Group Member, Composer
2003 City Folk Mystechs Mastering
2003 Avenpitch Avenpitch Mastering
2002 Wide Awake Virtual Server Mastering
2002 Two Intuition Mastering
2002 Synthpop: Club Anthems Mastering
2002 Synthetic Broadway Mastering
2002 Sundown System 22 Mastering
2002 Something Beautiful Color Theory Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Piano, Vibraphone, Mastering, Composer
2002 Showtime at the Apocalypse Mystechs Mastering
2002 Serenity New Clear Sky Mastering
2002 Pure Sessions, Vol. 3: The Darkness EP Cosmicity Arranger, Vocals (Background)
2002 Power Up Voice Industrie Mastering
2002 Orbit Wideband Network Mastering
2002 Nobody's Diary: A Tribute to Yazoo Mastering
2002 Indigent Leiahdorus Mastering
2002 Imagery of Ecstasy Alien Six Thirteen Mastering
2002 I've Been Known To Be Completely Wrong Somegirl Mastering
2002 Hit & Run Fidgital Mastering Engineer
2002 Fallen Virtual Server Mastering
2002 Everything and More Naked Eyes Remastering
2002 A New Frontier Moulin Noir Mastering
2001 Undertow Count to Infinity Mastering
2001 The Real Illusion Pete Byrne Mastering
2001 Shadow Dancing: 2nd Movement Mastering
2001 Pure Cosmicity Producer, Engineer
2001 Pull Esion Mastering
2001 Picture on the Wall Kaj Mastering
2001 Mystechs, Vol. 3: Unholy Land Mystechs Mastering
2001 Mistakes Blue October UK Mastering
2001 Messages: Modern Synthpop Artists Cover OMD Mastering
2001 Life's Fairytale Color Theory Producer, Composer
2001 In Your Mind Kaj Mastering
2001 A Different Mix, Vol. 5 Count to Infinity Remastering
2000 Temple B! Machine Mastering
2000 Spyglass Fidgital Mastering
2000 Shadow Dancing Mastering
2000 Reflexion of Synthpop, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
2000 Rainy Days Liquid Fiction Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (Background), Mastering, Composer
2000 Opal B! Machine Mastering
2000 Once is Not Enough Count to Infinity Mastering
2000 Jessica Count to Infinity Mastering
2000 Glamour...My Ass! Sister Friction Piano, Composer
2000 Alternative Faith: The Mixes Neuropa Mastering
2000 After the Fall Ganymede Mastering
1999 Shot 99: Electropop Compilation Mixing
1999 Perfect Tears Color Theory Producer, Vocals, Piano, Mastering, Composer
1999 Mix Rinse and Spin, Vol. 2 Remixing, Composer
1999 Groove Thing Brave New World Mastering
1999 Believe Blue October UK Mastering
1998 United Synth Pop of America, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Tuesday Song Color Theory Producer, Composer
1995 Mix Rinse and Spin Composer
1994 Sketches in Grey Color Theory Engineer, Vocals, Piano, Sequencing, Composer
1970 Watt Ten Years After Personal Assistant
We Don't Own the Blues Miss Bix / Leslie Bixler Mastering
Unspoken Words Endless Shame Mastering
Trance Emotions, Vol.5: Best of Melodic Dance & Dream Techno Composer
There's Someone Who Loves You Jim Reeves Mastering
The Unforgettable Jim Reeves Live Jim Reeves Mastering, Audio Restoration
The Sound Color Theory Composer
The Deadliest Fairy Tales Rain Rain Mixing, Piano
The Guts To Be Good Saudade Mastering
Now Music for Pop People, Vol. 1 Composer
How To Make a New Friend, Vol. 3 Composer
Exhibition Die Brücke Mixing
Electrapop Producer, Composer
Classic Lil G & Young Reebo Mastering
Best of Trance Emotions [Melodic Dance & Dream Techno Gold Edition] Composer
Adjustments Color Theory Group Member, Composer, Producer