Brett Zilahi


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Year Album Artist
2011 Left Turn City Left Turn City Mastering
2010 Rayvon Rayvon Mastering
2010 Reggae 2010 Mastering
2009 Old Crows/Young Cardinals Alexisonfire Mastering
2008 Between Wick and Flame Coyote Run Mastering
2008 Sound and Fury Sound and Fury Mastering
2008 Z 103.5: Hitmix 2008 Mastering
2007 Arctic Echoes Denis Roger Audio Engineer
2007 Check Your Audio Ceremonial Snips Mastering
2007 Great Lakes Gorgeous Mastering
2007 Little Jabs Two Hours Traffic Mastering
2007 Reggae 2007 Mastering
2007 Reunion Tour The Weakerthans Mastering
2007 Sometimes/Live City and Colour Mastering
2007 Waiting on Your Love Noah Zacharin Engineer, Mastering
2006 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of John Mayall John Mayall Mastering
2006 Crocus Duane Andrews Mastering
2006 For Reel McDades Mastering
2006 Not for Sale Supernal Mastering
2006 Reggae 2006 Mastering
2006 Stages Rosesdad Mastering
2006 Tribal Gtrman Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Xtended Play, Version 3.13 Frank-n-Dank Mastering
2006 Z103.5 Hit Mix 2006 Mastering
2005 ...It's So Hard to Make a Sound The Roosevelts Mastering
2005 100 Andy Stochansky Mastering
2005 Frontier Index Frontier Index Mastering
2005 La De Da Joel Plaskett Mastering
2005 Moneen/Alexisonfire Split EP Alexisonfire / Moneen Mastering
2005 Philip Sayce Group Philip Sayce / Philip Sayce Group Mastering
2005 Set Yourself on Fire Stars Mastering
2005 Sometimes City and Colour Mastering
2005 The Incurable Romantic Sides of the North Mastering
2005 Under the Streetlights Matt York Mastering
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Chris de Burgh Chris de Burgh Mastering
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Engelbert Humperdinck [Ca Engelbert Humperdinck Mastering
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of James Gang James Gang Mastering
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Squeeze Squeeze Mastering
2004 All My Real Friends High Holy Days Mastering
2004 Best of Aswad: 20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection Aswad Mastering
2004 Blue Roses Rita MacNeil Mastering
2004 Change Sue Foley Mastering
2004 Everything Is Okay Turn off the Stars Mastering
2004 Gold: Greatest Hits James Brown Mastering
2004 Gold: Greatest Hits The Mamas & the Papas Mastering
2004 Gold: Greatest Hits [Universal Canada] Marvin Gaye Mastering
2004 Mending Point Mending Point Mastering
2004 The Best of Musical Youth: 20th Century Masters/The Millennium Collection Musical Youth Mastering
2004 Things My Father Taught Me Jaded Thorns Mastering
2004 Watch Out! Alexisonfire Mastering
2003 Elvis Was Bigger Than the Beatles superGARAGE Mastering
2003 Exit k-os Mastering
2003 Gone Gone Gone The New Deal Mastering
2003 Live at the US Festival Triumph Mastering
2003 Love You Forever Robert Munsch Producer, Engineer
2003 Motor Motel Love Songs Jason Collett Mastering
2003 Stay Open Shirley Eikhard Editing, Mastering
2002 Born a Lion Danko Jones Mastering
2002 Greatest Fits The Headstones Mastering
2002 Live at the Harvest Fest Blue Sound Mastering
2002 Sprawl Sarah Veladora Mastering
2002 Trapeze: The Collection Tom Cochrane Remastering, Mastering
2001 a Fading Breath The Mcclurg Family Singers Mastering
2001 Down at the Khyber Joel Plaskett Mastering
2001 Identically Different I.D. Mastering
2001 Kinder Place Chainclipper Mastering
2001 Only You're Dreaming Colorfast Mastering
2001 Properties of Sound The Nines Mastering
2001 Re: Initiation Rhea's Obsession Editing, Mastering
2000 Go to Hell The Farrell Brothers Mastering
2000 Only You're Dreaming Only You're Dreaming Mastering
2000 Telling Stories Theresa Tova Mastering
2000 The State Nickelback Mastering
2000 Topless Big Daddy G Mastering
2000 Ultra Feel Rubber Mastering
2000 You Were Here Sarah Harmer Editing, Mastering
1999 A Maggot in Their Heads The Dinner Is Ruined Mastering
1999 Anywhere But Here Tory Cassis Mastering
1999 Ballad of Jackpine Slash The Farrell Brothers Mastering
1999 Borislav Mitic Borislav Mitic Mastering
1999 Clayton Park Thrush Hermit Mastering
1999 Come as You Are Erika Dawn Mastering
1999 Retrograde Retrograde Mastering
1999 Where the Change Is Flashing Lights Mastering
1998 Birth Through Knowledge BTK Mastering
1998 Dance of the Hummingbird Dan Gibson Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1998 Dance the Spiral Dance Ubaka Hill Mastering
1998 Do You Think You're Ready VIP Mastering
1998 Heart of Summer Dan Gibson Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1998 There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be Sianspheric Mastering
1998 Wonderworld of Colourful The Nines Mastering
1997 Another Plebeian Chore Mastering
1997 Auto Body Crusher Shallow Mastering
1997 Desmond's Hip City Skydiggers Mastering
1997 Phobos Voivod Mastering
1997 Suas E! Mary Jane Lamond Mastering
1997 This Apparatus Must Be Earthed Shallow North Dakota Mastering
1996 Ten Commandments and Two Territories According To... Slow Loris Mastering
1996 The Secret of My Excess Ron Hawkins Mastering
1996 While You Slept Andy Stochansky Mastering
1995 Hi How Are You Today? Ashley MacIsaac Editing, Digital Editing
1995 Somnium Sianspheric Mastering
1993 Cirque du Soleil: Nouvelle Expérience Cirque du Soleil Mixing Assistant
1993 Counterparts Rush Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1990 It Ain't Pretty Being Easy Syre Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1989 Surveillance Triumph Digital Remastering
1985 Stages Triumph Digital Remastering
1985 The Sport of Kings Triumph Digital Remastering
1984 Thunder Seven Triumph Digital Remastering
1982 Never Surrender Triumph Digital Remastering
1981 Allied Forces Triumph Digital Remastering
1980 Progressions of Power Triumph Digital Remastering
1979 Just a Game Triumph Remastering
1979 Triumph Triumph Digital Remastering
1977 Rock & Roll Machine Triumph Digital Remastering
Blue Pariah Big Rude Jake Editing, Mastering
Nixie Nixie Mastering
Small Sins The Ladies and Gentlemen Mastering
The Cheap Speakers The Cheap Speakers Mastering