Obscure even to most fans of dark, moodily romantic U.K. post-punk rock, Breathless deserves kudos both for its persistence and for its enveloping music. Founded in the early '80s, the quartet has maintained almost the same lineup through 2000 and beyond, pursuing its own particular music with both dedication and a willingness to experiment and try new approaches over time. Two of the four band members, keyboardist Dominic Appleton and guitarist Gary Mundy, knew each other from school and had played earlier in a group called A Cruel Memory, as well as backing Anne Clark on her first album, The Sitting Room. Appleton's path later took him to a job in London's Virgin Megastore, where he met Ari Neufeld, a college student who also played bass in a variety of small groups. Neufeld recruited Appleton for his keyboard talents for a band she ...
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