After establishing himself as a key member in the early Chicago punk scene, Steve Bjorklund (Strike Under, Terminal Beach) formed Breaking Circus. Signed to Homestead, Breaking Circus first issued The Very Long Fuse, an eight-song blast of pounding dance beats and scabrous guitars. Around 1986, Bjorklund headed north to Minneapolis, and began using Rifle Sport's rhythm section (bassist Flour and drummer Todd Trainer) during periods of inactivity. Phil Harder later joined as the second guitarist. With more deliberate arrangements, the trio released the Ice Machine LP and the Smokers' Paradise EP in 1987. After breaking the band up in 1988, Bjorklund briefly associated himself with Balloon Guy; Flour went on to record on his own on Touch & Go, while Trainer recorded as Brick Layer Cake and eventually joined the Chicago-based Shellac.
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