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Year Album Artist
2021 Stab My Back The All-American Rejects Assistant Engineer
2021 Curse of Autumn Witherfall Drum Engineering
2021 1997 Alfred García Producer, Vocal Arrangement
2020 Whole Lotta Red Playboi Carti Composer
2020 Invisible People Chicano Batman Assistant Engineer
2020 20/20 Vision Anti-Flag Assistant Engineer
2019 Daylight Grace Potter Engineer
2018 Classic Getaway Cover Art
2018 Chris Cornell Chris Cornell Engineer
2017 You Make It Feel Like Christmas Gwen Stefani Second Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2017 Phases in Exile Miles Seaton Guitar, Organ, Guitar (Bass)
2016 The Token Elise Davis Vocals (Background), Bass
2016 Day of the Dead Bass, Vocals (Background)
2015 Saint Asonia Saint Asonia Assistant Engineer
2015 If I Was The Staves Assistant Producer, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2015 Born to Play Guitar Buddy Guy Cover Photo
2014 Blood I Bled The Staves Assistant Producer
2013 The Wall Street Prostitute EP The DTEASE Mastering, Mixing
2013 Appalachian Excitation Arnold Dreyblatt / Megafaun Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Bass (Electric), Group Member
2012 By My Side Ben Harper Assistant Engineer, Engineer
2012 Apocalyptic Love Slash Assistant Engineer
2011 Up in the Downs Dirty Filthy Mugs Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2010 The Dwarves Are Born Again Dwarves Engineer, Editing
2010 Sunday School Massacre HeWhoCanNotBeNamed Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2010 Slash Slash Second Engineer
2010 All Yobs In Dirty Filthy Mugs Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 Hottest 100, Vol. 16 Artwork
2009 Greatest Hits Foo Fighters Engineer
2009 Gather, Form and Fly Megafaun Group Member
2009 Drink, Fight, Fuck, Vol. 3 Producer, Composer
2009 Candy Now Candy Now Producer, Engineer, Synthesizer, Percussion, Drum Programming
2009 BHB Ballas Hough Band Engineer
2008 When the World Comes Down The All-American Rejects Assistant Engineer
2008 Triple J: Live at the Wireless, Vol, 2 Design
2008 Triple J Hottest 100, Vol. 15 Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight The Physics of Meaning Vocals
2008 Impala Eardrums: A Radium Sampler Performer
2008 Damage of This Day Kevin Elliot & the Broken Engineer
2008 Bury the Square Megafaun Group Member
2008 Across the Pond Drake University Jazz Ensemble Trombone
2007 Triple J: Hottest 100, Vol. 14 Artwork
2007 Night of the Furies Rosebuds Standup Bass
2007 Hymns for a Dark Horse Bowerbirds Bass (Upright)
2007 He Put the Bomp! In the Bomp Mixing
2007 Dopesnake Hollywood Rose / Hollywood Roses Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 No Midnight Birdmonster Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Nina...and Other Delights Blag Dahlia Mastering
2006 Lights and Sounds [Single] Yellowcard Engineer
2006 Lights and Sounds Yellowcard Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Hit by a Train: The Best of Old 97's Old 97's Engineer, Mixing
2005 Welcome to the Cruel World/Fight for Your Mind Ben Harper Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2005 Night of 1000 Ex-Boy Friends The Holograms Producer
2005 Flyleaf Flyleaf Producer, Mixing
2004 The Dwarves Must Die Dwarves Engineer, Mixing
2004 Smitten The Martinis Producer
2004 Show & Tell Silvertide Engineer
2004 Next Stop Armageddon The God Awfuls Engineer, Mixing
2003 Up Your Ass Tray The Shocker Engineer
2003 Return to Planet Earth Kim Fox Engineer
2003 Poor Man's Son Franky Perez Engineer
2003 Lovers and Thieves Scott Thomas Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2003 Greetings from the Bonneville Salt Flats Motochrist Producer, Mixing
2003 Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones Swingin' Utters Engineer, Mixing
2003 Coral Fang The Distillers Engineer
2003 Automatic The Turbo A.C.'s Recording
2003 All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know The Ataris Engineer
2003 A Drug Problem That Never Existed Mondo Generator Producer, Mixing, Composer
2003 20 Years Too Soon: A Tribute To The Nomads Vocal Engineer
2002 The Unholy Sound of Damnation Damnation Engineer, Mixing
2002 The Song Ramones the Same: A Tribute To the Ramones Engineer, Mixing
2002 Propeller Peter Stuart Engineer, Mixing
2002 Live at the Temple Bar and More Fishbone Producer
2002 Friendliest Psychosis of All Fishbone & Familyhood Nextperience Engineer
2002 For Those About to Rawk: A Punk Tribute to AC/DC Engineer, Mixing
2002 A Tribute of the Year: Tribute to Faith No More Mixing
2001 Warped Tour: 2001 Compilation Engineer
2001 Twisted Forever Engineer
2001 Turbonegro Tribute: Alpha Engineer, Mixing
2001 Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets Gary Jules Engineer, Mixing
2001 Toot Toot! The Wiggles Assistant
2001 The Family Jewels Snapdragon Engineer
2001 Sugar & Spice [Trauma] Producer
2001 R.A.F.R., Vol. 3: Compilation Producer
2001 Love and Kisses from the Underground Handsome Devil Engineer
2000 Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down R.L. Burnside Producer, Loops, Digital Editing, Tracking
2000 Toys That Kill F.Y.P Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx Fishbone Engineer
2000 Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude Everclear Engineer, Drum Recordings
2000 Songs from Dawson's Creek, Vol. 2 Engineer
2000 Rated R Queens of the Stone Age Engineer
2000 Pulling Teeth Straight Faced Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Now You See Inside SR-71 Engineer
2000 My Hero Foo Fighters Engineer
2000 Look What I Almost Stepped In... The Vandals Engineer
2000 I Dream Scott Roewe Assistant Engineer
2000 Evan & Jaron Evan & Jaron Engineer
2000 Come Clean Dwarves Engineer
2000 Boxed Set Collection Ben Harper Engineer
2000 4-3-2-1 Lefty Producer, Engineer
1999 Through the Darkness D Generation Engineer, Mixing
1999 Sugarfix/Thank Heaven for Little Girls Dwarves Producer, Engineer
1999 Fight Songs Old 97's Engineer
1998 The Faculty [Music from the Dimension Motion Picture] Engineer, Mixing
1998 Help Is on the Way Duke Daniels Engineer, Mixing
1998 Explore Engineer, Mixing
1998 Cup Runneth Over Gloritone Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Balance Engineer
1998 California Scott Thomas Band Engineer, Mixing
1997 We Must Have Blood Dwarves Producer
1997 The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking Dwarves Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 The Colour and the Shape Foo Fighters Engineer, Recording Technician, Composer
1997 The Action Is Go Fu Manchu Engineer, Recording
1997 Scream 2 Engineer
1997 M.O.M., Vol. 2: Music for Our Mother Ocean Engineer
1996 Sinnerman Extra Fancy Engineer
1996 Mega Man Engineer
1996 Dirty Bird Meices Producer, Engineer
1995 Venus with Arms Blag Dahlia Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Fight for Your Mind Ben Harper Engineer
1995 El Globo Negro Locus Niger La Castañeda Assistant Engineer
1995 500 Miles to Glory Engineer, Mixing
1994 Well... Katey Sagal Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1994 Welcome to the Cruel World Ben Harper Assistant Engineer
1994 The Lead and How to Swing It Tom Jones Engineer
1994 Punch Drunk Pop Defect Mixing
1994 Dog Party Scott Henderson Overdub Assistant, Assistant Engineer
1993 Undertow Tool Assistant Engineer
1993 Sugarfix Dwarves Engineer
1993 Original Cool Stray Cats Assistant Engineer
1993 Everlasting Love Nu Vision Engineer
1993 Anybody Out There Dwarves Producer, Engineer
1992 Total Eclipse Total Eclipse Assistant Engineer
1992 Soul of a New Machine Fear Factory Assistant Engineer
1992 I Need a Storm Paul Ubana Jones Engineer
1990 Sad Astrology Eggplant Second Engineer
1988 Possessions Ann Dejarnett Second Engineer
1981 The Enemy Headfirst Engineer
¡Hola Navidad! Assistant Engineer
Working From Home Acoustic Engineer
Work From Home: Pop Hits Edition Assistant Engineer
White Christmas [8 October, 2021] Assistant Engineer
Vibe City Assistant Engineer
Viaje a 1995 Engineer
Unas bellas fiestas Assistant Engineer
Tropical Christmas [Universal] Assistant Engineer
Trending Christmas Hits 2021 Assistant Engineer
Traditional Happy Christmas Assistant Engineer
Throwback Thursday Mix, Vol. 2 Assistant Engineer
Throwback Acoustic Assistant Producer, Bass
Things That Matter Most Joel Wade Technical Support
The Best 2000s Album in the World...Ever! Assistant Engineer
The Ultimate Skate Punk Album, Vol. 3 Assistant Engineer
Teenage Dirtbag Skate Rock Assistant Engineer
Summertime Rock Hits 2022 Assistant Engineer
Summer Smile Assistant Engineer
Summer Barbecue 2021 Assistant Engineer
Summer BBQ 2021 Assistant Engineer
Sueño Navideño, Vol. 2 Assistant Engineer
Sounds of the New West: The Class of 2016 Producer
Singles Awareness Day Assistant Engineer
Sing Ready Steady Smash Gain Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Simplemente...Navidad Assistant Engineer
Shower Assistant Engineer
Shooters Bible Mondo Generator Engineer
Sentimientos Navideños, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
Self Isolation Acoustic Engineer
Se Eu Morrer Coloque Rock Assistant Engineer
Sahara Slash Second Engineer
Running 100-120 BPM Assistant Engineer
Round Rock Assistant Engineer
Rock da Geração Y Assistant Engineer
Rock Pra Cantar Gritando Assistant Engineer
Rock Pra Balançar a Cabeça Assistant Engineer
Rock Para Solteiros Assistant Engineer
Rock Para Irritar o Vizinho Assistant Engineer
Rock Para Desligar do Mundo Assistant Engineer
Rock Christmas 2022-The Very Best Of Assistant Engineer
Rock 2019 Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Rock 2000 [2021] Assistant Engineer
Quarantine Acoustic Engineer
Punk Hits [2022] Assistant Engineer
Poppunk Assistant Engineer
Pop Rock [Universal] Assistant Engineer
Pop Rock Greats Assistant Engineer
Pop Punk Songs Assistant Engineer
Pop Latino Sensible, Vol. 5 Assistant Engineer
Pop Christmas 2021 [2021] Assistant Engineer
Pop Acoustic [Rhino] Assistant Producer, Bass
Planeta Rockero Assistant Engineer
Pizza Music Engineer
Party Throwback Assistant Engineer
Os Maiores Hits do Rock Assistant Engineer
O Efeito Do Rock Assistant Engineer
Ny julmusik 2021 Assistant Engineer
No Me, No You, No More [Ariza Remix] The Staves Assistant Producer
Navidad Toca La Puerta Assistant Engineer
Navidad Pop: Hits en Inglés Assistant Engineer
Navidad De Verdad, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
Monday Motivation [2021] Assistant Engineer
Make It Holy The Staves Assistant Producer
Love/Hate HeWhoCanNotBeNamed Producer, Mixing
Locura Punk Rockera Assistant Engineer
Llegaron Las Fiestas 2022 Assistant Engineer
Let's Rattle D.D. Verni & the Cadillac Band Engineer
La Navidad es Todo Aquello Que Nos Hace Recordar... Assistant Engineer
Kids Happy Pop Christmas Assistant Engineer
Kids Christmas Party [2021] Assistant Engineer
Kerst Pop 2022 Assistant Engineer
Karácsony 2021 Assistant Engineer
Julpynt Assistant Engineer
Julmys med familjen Assistant Engineer
Julmusik 2021 Assistant Engineer
Julfavoriter 2021 Assistant Engineer
Julbord Assistant Engineer
Holiday Tunes 2022 Assistant Engineer
Holiday Favorites 2022 Assistant Engineer
Happy Breakup Songs Assistant Engineer
Halloween Mega Mix 2021 Assistant Engineer
Greatest Hits [Universal] Assistant Engineer
Festa Julina Rock 2021 Assistant Engineer
Feliz Navidad [2021] Assistant Engineer
Farolitos y Velitas Assistant Engineer
Estrellas De Navidad, Vol. 2 Assistant Engineer
Dubai Christmas Assistant Engineer
Doce Rock Assistant Engineer
Diversión Navideña, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
Dichosa Navidad Assistant Engineer
DJ Santa Claus Vol. 5 Assistant Engineer
Class of '09 Assistant Engineer
Christmas Swing 2022 Assistant Engineer
Christmas Party! Assistant Engineer
Christmas Party 2021 [November, 2021] Assistant Engineer
Christmas Hits 2022 [September, 2022] Assistant Engineer
Christmas Greatest Hits 2022 Assistant Engineer
Christmas Feeling 2021 Assistant Engineer
Christmas Dinner 2021 Recording Assistant
Christmas 2022 [October] Assistant Engineer
Christmas 2022 [November] Assistant Engineer
Christmas 2022 [November] Assistant Engineer
Christmas 2022 [June] Assistant Engineer
Ceia de Natal 2022 Assistant Engineer
Car Singing Assistant Engineer
Canções de Natal em Inglês Assistant Engineer
Canta Navidad, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
Candy Cane Xmas Assistant Engineer
Buñuelos, Natilla y un Guarito Assistant Engineer
Bong Hits: Rock & Roll Munchies Engineer
Best of Punk [2021] Assistant Engineer
Best of Christmas Music Assistant Engineer
Best of 2010s Assistant Engineer
Best Christmas Songs [2022] Assistant Engineer
Back to School 2019 Assistant Engineer
Anti Valentine Party Assistant Engineer
Anarchists Anonymous Recording
Amor Navideño, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
Alternative Workout Assistant Engineer
All I want for Christmas Is Music Assistant Engineer
All I Want for Christmas Is You [2022] Assistant Engineer
Alegría Navideña Assistant Engineer
Acoustic Covers [Rhino] Assistant Producer, Bass
A un pasito de las fiestas Assistant Engineer
A Merry Little Christmas [2021] Assistant Engineer
A Broken Heart Is All That's Left Assistant Engineer
2000s Halloween Assistant Engineer
100 Greatest Covers Assistant Producer, Bass
100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever Assistant Engineer
00s Pop [Universal] Assistant Engineer
00s Music Assistant Engineer

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