Brad Vance


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Year Album Artist
2017 To the Moon and Back: 20 Years and Beyond Blackmore's Night / Ritchie Blackmore Mastering
2016 Heros of Sunset Blvd. Roni Lee Mastering
2014 Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever Mastering
2014 Protocol, Vol. 3 Simon Phillips Mastering
2014 Whoop Dee Doo The Muffs Mastering
2013 Dancer and the Moon Blackmore's Night Mastering
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal Cannibal Corpse Digital Remastering, Mastering
2013 Dig Heaven & Earth Mastering
2012 Girl in Progress Mastering
2011 Californication, Season 4: Music from the Showtime Series Mastering
2011 Helicopter/Wookiewall Download Mastering
2011 I'm Gonna Be Ready Josh Smith Mastering
2011 I've Got Dreams Michael Grimm Mastering
2011 Oceana Derek Sherinian Mastering
2011 Rock & Roll Freedom Show Misty Gonzales Mastering
2010 Autumn Sky Blackmore's Night Mastering
2010 Beyond the Vault Box Set Mastering
2010 Closer To Free Jason Crane Mastering
2010 Friday Night Lights, Vol. 2 Mastering
2010 Gort Spacebar Plateau Mastering
2010 Have a Nice Trip The Tear Garden Mastering
2010 Hung Mastering
2010 Industrial Complex Nitzer Ebb Mastering
2010 Parenthood [Original Television Soundtrack] Mastering
2010 Rising from the Grave Helstar Remastering
2010 Streets of Rock & Roll Keel Mastering
2010 The Longest EP NOFX Mastering, Remastering
2009 Aim and Ignite Fun. Mastering
2009 Free Your Mind Too Slim & the Taildraggers Mastering
2009 Grasping the Mainstream The Nohawks Mastering
2009 Molecular Heinosity Derek Sherinian Mastering
2009 Possessor Rusty Eye Mastering
2009 Slow Motion Burn Djoto Mastering
2009 Zombie Battle 2019 BananaSloth Mastering
2008 Awesome Fromage Fabulous Disaster / Oc Toons Mastering
2008 Changes Near The Quarter After Mastering
2008 Curtain Call, Vol. 1: New Songs From Past American Idol Finalists Jon Peter Lewis / Stevie Scott / Ryan Starr / Aj Tabaldo Mastering
2008 Curtain Call, Vol. II The Orginal Moonmaids Plus One Mastering
2008 Four Letter Word Silent Rage Mastering
2008 Get Your Hopes Up Hard Place Mastering
2008 Holy Cow Billy Sheehan Mastering
2008 Lost Boys: The Tribe Mastering
2008 Maniacal Sworn Enemy Mastering
2008 Seasons of Tragedy Benedictum Mastering
2008 Strawberry Shortcake: Rockaberry Roll Strawberry Shortcake Mastering
2008 The Dream of the Electric Guitars, Vol. 1 Mastering
2007 Big World Josh Kramon Mastering
2007 Fixer Download Mastering
2007 Friday Night Lights [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
2007 Jasmine Jasmine Mastering
2007 Out Through the In Door Vanilla Fudge Mastering
2007 Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. 2 Mastering
2007 Rise of the Fallen Purity Mastering
2007 Saw IV: Music From And Inspired By Saw IV Mastering
2007 Sentia Sons Of Jupiter Mastering
2007 Stomp the Yard Mastering
2007 Strawberry Shortcake: Let's Dance Mastering
2007 Strawberry Shortcake: World of Friends Strawberry Shortcake Mastering
2007 The Nanny Diaries Mastering
2007 The Way We Talk The Maine Mastering
2007 They've Actually Gotten Worse Live NOFX Mastering
2007 This Age of Silence Anterior Mastering
2007 Year of the Cock Big Cock Mastering
2006 7th Heaven Mastering
2006 A Long March: The First Recordings As I Lay Dying Mastering
2006 Big Cock Big Cock Mastering
2006 Blood of the Snake Derek Sherinian Mastering
2006 Blood on the Tracks Blood on the Tracks Mastering
2006 Born Again Warrant Mastering
2006 Bright Idea Orson Mastering
2006 Cactus V Cactus Mastering
2006 Carolyn Edwards Carolyn Edwards Mastering
2006 Charmed: The Final Chapter Mastering
2006 Children of Our Mistakes Vayden Mastering
2006 Dragon Tiger Gate Soler Mastering
2006 Footlong Livitz Livitz Mastering
2006 Hand'stan Hands on Semble Mastering
2006 Happiness Orson Mastering
2006 Hymn Book Imperial Crowns Mastering
2006 In the Disaster A Love Ends Suicide Mastering
2006 Metalmorphosis Killing Machine Mastering
2006 Nightmerica Love Equals Death Mastering
2006 Olde Mill In Ritchie Blackmore Mastering
2006 Overachiever Louden Swain Mastering
2006 Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories Ann Magnuson Mastering
2006 Revolver Presents: The Dark Side Mastering
2006 Revolver Presents: The Future Is Metal Mastering
2006 Saw 3 Mastering
2006 Season's Greetings from the Grand Canyon Nicholas Gunn Mastering
2006 Suit and Tie Louden Swain Mastering
2006 The Fool Jeff Martin Mastering
2006 The Holy Grail Ian Ashley Hersey Mastering
2006 The Last Great 20th Century Love Affair The Now People Mastering
2006 The Village Lanterne Blackmore's Night Mastering
2006 Your New Attraction The Hanks Mastering
2005 10,000 Shots The Real McKenzies Mastering
2005 Above the City Smoke or Fire Mastering
2005 Bazooka Carmine Appice / Travers & Appice / Pat Travers Mastering
2005 Because We Bleed Paula McMath Mastering
2005 Charmed: The Book of Shadows Mastering
2005 Cosmic Troubadour Billy Sheehan Mastering
2005 Cursed Mastering
2005 Distance and Miles Mikki Brisk Mastering
2005 Greatest Hits Odd Man Out Mastering
2005 Keep Them Confused No Use for a Name Mastering
2005 Las Vegas [Original TV Soundtrack] Mastering
2005 Life Goes on... Nick Sterling Mastering
2005 Live at Red Room Robbie Gennet Mastering
2005 Party Animals Turbonegro Mastering
2005 Punk Goes 80's Mastering
2005 Resolve Lagwagon Mastering
2005 So They Say So They Say Mastering
2005 The Ever Changing Picture Brad Byrd Mastering
2005 The Process of Endtime Crematorium Mastering
2005 The Quarter After The Quarter After Mastering
2005 This Station Is Non-Operational At the Drive-In Mastering
2005 Three Hands on Semble Mastering
2005 Typical O.A.O.T's Mastering
2005 Welcome to the World of... Orange Mastering
2004 4U Ballentine Mastering
2004 An Ugly Display of Self-Preservation Frankenstein Mastering
2004 Barefoot Bride Barefoot Bride Mastering
2004 Choices The Trauma Club Mastering
2004 Companions to Devils and Saints Outlie Mastering
2004 Eulogy Mastering
2004 Friday Night Lights [Original Movie Soundtrack] Mastering
2004 Galerians: Rion Mastering
2004 Hard Place Hard Place Mastering
2004 Helping the World to See Vehemence Mastering
2004 Humanure Cattle Decapitation Mastering
2004 Insect Song Beyond the Embrace Mastering
2004 Invocation of Nehek Invocation of Nehek Mastering
2004 It Takes a Lot of Balls Travers & Appice Mastering
2004 Lights, Camera, Action Marc Ferrari Mastering
2004 Live With Full Force Six Feet Under Mastering
2004 Live from Toronto: Songs in the Key of Eh Mad Caddies Mastering
2004 Live in a Dive Subhumans Mastering
2004 Live in a Dive Swingin' Utters Mastering
2004 Nothing New [EP] Off the Record Mastering
2004 Now! ... That's What I'm Talkin' About Bloodstone Mastering
2004 P.S. Mastering
2004 Paraffin Stories Rick Cowling Mastering
2004 Really Really Happy The Muffs Mastering
2004 Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2 Mastering
2004 Scars of the Crucifix Deicide Mastering
2004 Short Story Long Ofer Mastering
2004 Snow Gas Bones Meow Meow Mastering
2004 The Illusion of Democracy Reflux Mastering
2004 The Wretched Spawn Cannibal Corpse Mastering
2004 The Wretched Spawn/Worm Infested Cannibal Corpse Mastering
2004 Then and Now Vanilla Fudge Mastering
2004 Thwak Thwak Go Crazy!! Bang Sugar Bang Mastering
2004 Wake Pig 3 Mastering
2004 West Coast Groove Mark Carter Mastering
2004 Wonderland Susan Barth Mastering
2003 15 Year Killing Spree Cannibal Corpse Digital Mastering
2003 3 Rooms EP Mason South Mastering
2003 Black Utopia Derek Sherinian Mastering
2003 Blaze Lagwagon Mastering
2003 Bringer of Blood Six Feet Under Mastering
2003 Dancing with St. Peter Mogg / $ign of 4 Mastering
2003 Enjoy Your Life Poolside Stereo 360 Mastering
2003 Exploding Girls Gene Loves Jezebel Mastering
2003 Frail Words Collapse As I Lay Dying Mastering
2003 Heavils The Heavils Mastering
2003 Journey to Yellowstone Nicholas Gunn Mastering
2003 Music Is Chemical Mercurine Mastering
2003 Oot & Aboot The Real McKenzies Mastering
2003 Seeking Serenity Mastering
2003 Servants of Chaos Cirith Ungol Mastering
2003 The Pacific/Silent Gray Split The Pacific / Silent Gray Mastering
2003 The Dragon Experience cEvin Key Mastering
2003 Vanilla Fudge [Collection] Vanilla Fudge Mastering
2003 Wonderland Tony Franklin Mastering
2003 Worm Infested [EP] Cannibal Corpse Mastering
2003 Wow Signal Pat Ortman Mastering
2002 100% Live Prong Mastering
2002 A Christmas Classic Nicholas Gunn Mastering
2002 A Cinderella Story Nuclear Saturday Mastering
2002 Attack!! Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force Mastering
2002 Dedication Stu Goldberg Mastering
2002 Double Dead Six Feet Under Mastering
2002 Front Toward Enemy The Fallen Mastering
2002 Get Real Halo Friendlies Mastering
2002 Live From Oz Planet X Mastering
2002 MoonBabies Planet X Mastering
2002 Noble Justice Young Noble Mastering
2002 Oh My God Jeff Witzeman Mastering
2002 Slick Trax Earl Slick Mastering
2002 Superholic Engine Mastering
2002 The Return Vanilla Fudge Mastering
2002 Through the Great Smoky Mountains Nicholas Gunn Mastering
2002 Toward the Sun Jeffrey Gaines Technical Support
2002 Underground Moon Underground Moon Mastering
2001 Able-Legged Heroes Louden Swain Mastering
2001 All Around Me Loren Gold Mastering
2001 Building Every Single Saturday Mastering
2001 Compression Billy Sheehan Mastering
2001 Fallen Angel Ian Ashley Hersey Mastering
2001 Fires At Midnight Blackmore's Night Mastering
2001 Going Home Stu Goldberg Mastering
2001 Imaginary Stars Golden Ticket Mastering
2001 Inertia Derek Sherinian Mastering
2001 Light at the End of the Tunnel War & Peace Mastering
2001 Music for People Who Can't Understand Normal Think Closet Culture Mastering
2001 Planet Chant Mastering
2001 Sealed With a Kiss The Eyeliners Mastering
2001 The Great Southwest Nicholas Gunn Mastering
2001 Torture Test Diesel Machine Mastering
2001 Under the Influence Warrant Mastering
2000 Big Fat Nasty Fist: Focused in Strength and Transcendence Mastering
2000 From the Screen to Your Stereo New Found Glory Mastering
2000 Guitar Zeus: Japan Carmine Appice Mastering
2000 Stranger from the Past David Glen Eisley Mastering
2000 The Best Comp in the World Mastering
1999 Dead Ends & Girlfriends Allister Mastering
1999 Ging Ging Purr Machine Mastering
1999 Greatest and Latest Warrant Mastering
1999 Heaven and Earth Stuart Smith Mastering
1999 Hell on Stage Live Manowar Staff
1999 Live in France Manowar Staff
1999 Maximum Violence Six Feet Under Mastering
1999 Nothing Gold Can Stay New Found Glory Mastering
1999 Return to the Grand Canyon Nicholas Gunn Mastering
1999 Street of Dreams Patti Austin Mastering
1999 Sun at Midnight Cheryl Gunn Mastering
1998 A Live Adventure Rugrats Mastering
1998 Breathing Water Skycycle Mastering
1998 Growing Up Christopher Ho Mastering
1998 Hold the Keys Brian Cline Mastering
1998 Nothing Is Sacred Stream Mastering
1998 Passion Daryle Chinn Mastering
1998 Penumbra Robert Van Mastering
1998 Red Mustard Seeds Mastering
1998 Shadow of the Moon Blackmore's Night Mastering
1998 Then & Now Emerson Mastering
1998 Trance Planet Box Set Mastering
1998 Underground Graham Bonnet Mastering
1998 Walkin' the Walk Bill Liston Digital Mastering
1997 Alguien Someone Pippo Spera Mastering
1997 Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio Carmine Appice Mastering
1997 Not the Future I Ordered Blue Shift Mastering
1997 Now Playing Chopper One Mastering
1997 Short Stories Lincoln Adler Mastering
1997 Tom Hall Tom Hall Mastering
1997 Wondering Around Kirn Kounty Mastering
1996 Vile Cannibal Corpse Remastering
1994 The Bleeding Cannibal Corpse Remastering
1992 Tomb of the Mutilated Cannibal Corpse Digital Remastering
1991 Butchered at Birth Cannibal Corpse Digital Remastering
1991 New Wave Party 3D Picnic Engineer
1991 Parallels Fates Warning Remastering
1991 Symbol of Salvation Armored Saint Remastering
1990 Eaten Back to Life Cannibal Corpse Digital Remastering
1989 Master of Disguise Lizzy Borden Remastering
1989 Perfect Symmetry Fates Warning Remastering
1988 No Exit Fates Warning Remastering
1987 Visual Lies Lizzy Borden Digital Remastering
1986 Awaken the Guardian Fates Warning Remastering
1986 Doomsday for the Deceiver Flotsam and Jetsam Mastering, Digital Sequencing
1986 One Foot in Hell Cirith Ungol Remastering
1985 The Right to Rock Keel Mastering
1985 The Spectre Within Fates Warning Remastering
1984 Night on Bröcken Fates Warning Remastering
Cinco Sobre Três: Fünf über Drei Hands On'Semble Mastering
Eye Spy 2 The Tear Garden Mastering
Girl in Progress Mastering
Government Town Government Town Bass
Hummingbird Misty Gonzales Mastering
Live: Are You Ready Sweet Mastering
Martian Dub Beacon Dubcon Mastering
NCIS: Benchmark Mastering
NCIS: Los Angeles The Original TV Soundtrack Mastering
Now You Know Madame Mayhem Mastering
Stomp The Yard: Homecoming Mastering
Sunday at Noon Sunday At Noon Mastering
The Year We Tried to Kill the Pain Bob Woodruff Mastering
The Greatest Hits And Remixes Coolio Mastering
We Get What We Want Nelson Bragg Mastering