Books on Tape is the long-running solo project of electronic musician Todd Drootin. Drootin began Books on Tape in Los Angeles in 1999 after the breakup of his more collaborative project Subverse. An early cousin of breakcore and more punk-informed takes on electronic music, Drootin dubbed his often caustic Books on Tape compositions "beatpunk" and amassed a huge selection of demos, early experiments, and other recordings for several years. Throw Down Your Laptops, his first widely available album, was released in 2002. Follow-up album Books on Tape Sings the Blues arrived in 2003, and Drootin began a stopgap touring schedule that would keep him on the road on and off for the next several years as his fan base grew, particularly in Canada. Late 2004 saw the release of an extensive EP entitled The Business End, which was followed in 2005 ...
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Sings the Blues 2003 Sings the Blues
Throw Down Your Laptops 2002 Throw Down Your Laptops
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