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Bone Crusher is a no-frills, self-proclaimed "working-class" punk band formed in 1992 in Orange County, California.
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Bone Crusher, a no-frills, self-proclaimed "working-class" punk band, were formed in 1992 in Orange County, California, after the dissolution of O.C. also-rans Wolfpack. Bone Crusher spent the next couple of years building up a fan base, and in 1995 released their debut, A World of Pain. While the band was all set to conquer southern California in 1995, a series of setbacks -- drugs, members off to jail or other bands -- all conspired against the band and the momentum was lost. In 1996, the band reappeared yet again, only to start a near riot at a show and lose all hope at getting a future booking. Luckily for them, in 1997 Outsider Promotions gave them a chance, getting them a repeat club booking as well as releasing their comeback single, Angry Youth. In 2004, German punk label Knockout put out a two-disc compilation entitled Fractured, which put back into print the 2001 full-length Followers of a Brutal Calling, 2000's Singles Collection, and some bonus tracks from the band's early days. The band continued to tour, and released Free in 2007.