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Year Album Artist
2015 Songs in the Key of Happy Goodman Revival Guitar (Acoustic)
2013 New Smokey Mountain Gospel: 23 Ole Time Gospel Instrumentals Composer
2012 Songs I Grew Up Singing Gordon Mote Guitar (Acoustic)
2009 A Mighty Fortress Anthony Burger Guitar (Acoustic)
2009 Bluegrass Gospel Favorites: Songs of Dottie Rambo Porchlight Trio Musician
2008 Remembering the Old Songs Chuck Wagon Gang Guitar, Executive Producer
2007 Best-Loved Bible Songs Twin Sisters Guitar
2007 Come Away Allison Durham Speer Guitar (Acoustic)
2007 I Have a Prayer: Remembering Anna... Chuck Wagon Gang Producer, Mixing, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
2007 In a Perfect World Gene Watson Main Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2007 Little Christmas Legacy Five Guitar (Acoustic)
2007 Something Beautiful [2007] Bill Gaither Musician
2007 Total Praise LeFevre Guitar (Acoustic)
2007 You Gotta Love It! Triumphant Quartet Additional Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2006 70th Anniversary Chuck Wagon Gang Producer, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar
2006 Country's What I Choose Len Snow Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 Gospel at Its Best Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
2006 Heartbreak Train Ali Shumate Arranger, Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 High Heels Jessica Hawthorn Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 Lighthouse Michele Crisp Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 Live in Music City Legacy Five Guitar (Acoustic)
2006 Praise the Lord Together Aardvark Kids Music Guitar
2006 Rhino Hi-Five: Drinkin' Songs Guitar (Acoustic)
2006 Step by Step Angie Chaffin Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 The Party Jason L. Green Guitar (Rhythm)
2006 Touch Me, Lord Jesus Jessy Dixon Main Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 America the Beautiful Twin Sisters Guitar
2005 Angels Watching Jeff Treece Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 Blue Moon Carla Jeane Guitar
2005 Classic Hits The Hoppers Composer
2005 Fox's Grocery Fox Brothers Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 Hello David Robert Montgomery Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 In a Different Light Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 Jesus Loves the Little Children Twin Sisters Guitar
2005 Kids Worship Twin Sisters Guitar
2005 Light of the World Kenny Morgan Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 O Worship the King Twin Sisters Guitar, Musician
2005 One Wish Lynn McCarn Guitar
2005 Songs of Praise Twin Sisters Guitar
2005 The Locket The Crabb Family Guitar (Acoustic), Session Leader
2005 Then & Now Gene Watson Main Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 This Time Mark Trammell Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 Triumphant Quartet Triumphant Quartet Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Acoustic)
2004 Best of Country Gospel The Kendalls Guitar (Acoustic)
2004 Home Free Integrity Quartet Additional Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2004 Home of Joy The Morris' Producer, Guitar (Acoustic)
2004 The Gospel Side of Gene Watson Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
2004 You've Got to Share: Songs for Children Don McLean Guitar
2003 24/7 Brad & Shelly Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 A Crabb Collection The Crabb Family Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Colors The Oak Ridge Boys Additional Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Cryin' Country Jerry Burkhart Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Glen Duncan Glen Duncan Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Makin' Memories Linda Shelton Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Memarie Memarie Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Roads That I've Traveled Gerald Crabb Guitar (Rhythm)
2003 The Best of Russ Taff Russ Taff Guitar (Acoustic)
2003 Touch Through Me Jimmy Snow Rhythm
2003 Walking in the Light The Hemphills Guitar (Acoustic)
2002 Everything Good Gaither Vocal Band Guitar (Acoustic)
2002 Kids Scene for JC: Bible Songs Guitar, Musician
2002 Kids Scene for JC: Hymns Guitar
2002 Kids Scene for JC: Rejoice Guitar
2002 Smokey River Boys Sing O Brother Smokey River Boys Guitar (Rhythm)
2002 Walk on Water Kind of Day Crossway Guitar (Acoustic)
2002 We Will Not Fail Journeymen Guitar (Acoustic)
2002 You Can't Ask Too Much of My God The Bishops Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 Changed Forever The Perrys Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 Day Three Lordsong Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 From the Heart Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 I Think About Grace Linda Shelton Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 No Distractions Crossway Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 Sings Marty Robbins Don McLean Guitar (Acoustic)
2001 When He Blessed My Soul: Reliving the Sounds of Yesterday The Palmetto State Quartet Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 Absolutely Positively Live The Perrys Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 Hands of Time Anthony Burger Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 I Do Believe Gaither Vocal Band Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 I'm Forgiven Florida Boys Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 I've Just Started Living The Cathedrals Guitar (Electric)
2000 More Than Religion The Wilburns Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 Pray The Crabb Family Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 Simply John Lehman Guitar (Acoustic)
1999 Let's Celebrate Jesus The Bishops Guitar
1999 Local Flowers Nancy Moore Guitar (Acoustic), Gut String Guitar, Autoharp, Finger Picking
1999 Make up in Love Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
1999 New Christian: Classic Hymns Christian Series Guitar
1999 New Christian: Make a Joyful Noise Christian Series Guitar
1999 New Christian: Scripture Memory Songs Twin Sisters Guitar
1999 Praise Him!: Twenty Five Praise Songs for Children Christian Series Guitar
1999 Signed, Sealed, Delivered Gold City Guitar (Rhythm)
1998 25 Christmas Favorites Twin Sisters Guitar (Acoustic)
1998 Havin' a Girls' Night Out Chonda Pierce Guitar (Acoustic)
1998 If You See Her Brooks & Dunn Guitar (Acoustic)
1998 Still the Greatest Story Ever Told Gaither Vocal Band Guitar (Acoustic)
1998 Timepieces, Vol. 2 The Hoppers Composer
1997 A Way to Survive Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Billy Yates Billy Yates Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Blah...Blah...Blah The Geezinslaws Guitar (Rhythm)
1997 Christmas Dreams Don McLean Guitar
1997 Goin' Out Swingin' Ray Pennington Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Home Grown Tom T. Hall Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Jesus Is All I Need Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 No Excuses No Regrets Brent Lamb Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Range of Emotion Bryan Smith Guitar (Acoustic)
1997 Visiting Hours Bill Young Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 4 God So Loved Brian Free Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Another River Harley Allen Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Back in America Western Flyer Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Each One's a Winner Don Cox Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Everybody Knows Trisha Yearwood Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Give a Little Back The Whites Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Giving The Speers Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Love Is the Bottom Line Lisa Daggs Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Places in Time Jeff and Sheri Easter Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 The Good Ole Days Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Tonight Dean Chance Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Highway to the Sky Jack Greene Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Never Thirst Again The Hoppers Guitar (Acoustic), Composer
1995 Reunion Bill & Gloria Gaither Guitar
1995 River of Love Don McLean Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Serenade Kirk Talley Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Six Hours at Pedernales Willie Nelson Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 The Best of Speers The Speers Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Thinkin' About You Trisha Yearwood Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Ty England Ty England Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Unchained Celinda Pink Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 What You Don't Know Jon Randall Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 Where Forever Begins Ken Mellons Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Rhythm)
1994 A Taste of Heaven Florida Boys Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 All Over Town Don Cox Guitar (Steel)
1994 Elvis Gospel Favorites J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 Goin' Home Gold City Guitar (Rhythm)
1994 I Wish I Had a Job to Shove The Geezinslaws Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 It's All in the Swing Buddy Emmons Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 Ken Mellons Ken Mellons Guitar (Rhythm)
1994 Roadtrip Gary P. Nunn Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 Swingin' Our Way Buddy Emmons Guitar (Rhythm)
1994 Testify Gaither Vocal Band Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 The Sweetest Gift Trisha Yearwood Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Brand New Feeling Florida Boys Guitar (Rhythm)
1993 For Christmas Clinton Gregory Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Good News Florida Boys Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Gospel Music Workshop: Country Pie in the Sky Producer, Arranger
1993 High Country Squire Parsons Producer, Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 High and Lifted Up The Cathedral Quartet Guitar (Rhythm)
1993 I've Got a Feeling Terry McMillan Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Master of Illusion Clinton Gregory Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 O' My Lord What a Time The Statesmen Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Picture This: We'll Be Together Again Kevin Spencer Family Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Dobro
1993 Southern Classics Gaither Vocal Band Guitar
1993 Tell It Again Wendy Bagwell Producer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
1993 The Blood Was Enough Pfeifers Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 The Son in My Eyes Barbara Fairchild Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Turn Your Radio On Bill & Gloria Gaither Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Uncharted Mind Gene Watson Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 Victimized Celinda Pink Guitar (Acoustic)
1993 When Two or Three Agree New Journey Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 70th Anniversary Celebration The Speers Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 A Praise Gathering Bill Gaither Trio Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Feelin' Good, Gittin' Up, Gittin' Down The Geezinslaws Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 From the Heart Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 He Still Reigns The Speers Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo
1992 Honky Tonk Daze Jack Robertson Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Life's a Dance John Michael Montgomery Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Love at First Sight Bruce Haynes Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Mountain Gospel Music: Music from the Mountains Mountain Gospel Music Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Gut String Guitar, Mandola, Mandolin, Composer
1992 Spread the Word Wendy Bagwell Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Swingin' by Request Buddy Emmons / Ray Pennington Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 The First Christmas Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Three Good Reasons Crystal Gayle Guitar (Acoustic)
1992 Wishes Margo Smith Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 A Ten Year Celebration Gold City Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 Christmas at Calvary/Christmas with Squire Parsons Squire Parsons Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 Fighting Fire with Fire Davis Daniel Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 Freeborn Man Clinton Gregory Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 He Is My Everything Jack Greene Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 I Thought It Was You Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 If It Weren't for Country Music I'd Go Crazy Clinton Gregory Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 Trisha Yearwood Trisha Yearwood Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1990 Doug Stone Doug Stone Guitar (Acoustic)
1990 Music 'n Me Clinton Gregory Guitar (Rhythm)
1990 Taking My Time Dawnett Faucett Guitar (Acoustic)
1990 Travel Light Jerry Lansdowne Guitar (Rhythm)
1989 St. Louis Blues De Witt "Scotty" Scott Guitar (Rhythm)
1989 Steppin' on the Bright Side Kingdom Heirs Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1988 Christ Is My Everything Jimmy Swaggart Guitar (Rhythm)
1988 Holy Holy Holy John Starnes Guitar (Rhythm)
1988 We Want America Back The Steeles Guitar
197? The Western Album Don McLean Guitar (Acoustic)
A Gatlinburg Country Christmas Guitar, Mandolin
At Your Request Brian Free & Assurance Guitar (Acoustic)
Classics, Vol. 2 John Conlee Guitar (Acoustic)
Collection Brian Free & Assurance Guitar (Acoustic)
My Time With You Del Way Guitar (Acoustic)
Roll Away the Stone Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters Producer
Sondra Sondra Burnett Guitar