Bob Patton


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Year Album Artist
2016 April Jihye Lee Orchestra Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
2009 Two Ones Harry Skoler Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Variable Sound Density Orchestra Garrison Fewell Mastering
2008 Fenia Fenia Engineer, Mastering
2007 The Lady of Khartoum Garrison Fewell Mastering
2006 Good Night Songs John Tchicai Mastering
2006 Look, Stop and Listen Chris Neville Audio Engineer
2006 Songs We Like Chris Neville Audio Engineer
2005 A Place in the Sun Ann Sweeten Engineer
2005 Back from the Dead Bobby Byrd Production Coordination
2005 Somewhere in Time Robin Meloy Goldsby Mastering
2004 Ascensio Bruno Råberg Mixing, Mastering
2004 Chrysalis Bruno Råberg Mixing
2004 Congressional Roll Call Scott Reeves Engineer
2004 Quintology Greg Hopkins Engineer, Mixing
2003 In, Thru, and Out Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2003 Melodic Miner's Daughter Abby & Norm Group Mastering
2003 Openground Giovanni Moltoni Engineer
2003 Sapphire Days Ann Sweeten Engineer
2003 The Death of Simone Weil Darrell Katz Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2002 Checking In Greg Burk / Greg Burk Trio Engineer
2002 Weaver of Dreams Kris Adams Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Backyard Carneval Roger Ebacher Digital Mastering
2001 City of Dreams Garrison Fewell Mixing, Mastering
2001 Okavongo Greg Hopkins Producer, Mastering
2001 The Line Between Bob Kaufman Mastering
2000 Otherwise The Steve Rochinski Quartet Mixing, Mastering
2000 Presence Bruno Råberg Engineer
1998 Duo Mili Bermejo Editing
1998 Live at Montreux/Detroit Henry Cook Pre-Mastering
1998 Love in Exile Salim Washington Digital Transfers
1998 Terre Haute Debris Digital Editing
1998 You Are What You Think Scott Reeves Engineer
1997 By the Sea Eric T. Johnson Mixing, Overdub Engineer
1997 Hip Displacement Tony d'Aveni Engineer
1997 Ideas & Opinions Tim Ray Editing, Mastering
1997 Reflection of a Clear Moon Garrison Fewell Mastering
1997 Resonance Bert Seager Engineer, Mixing
1997 The Boston Quartets Eric T. Johnson Engineer
1996 Another Time, Another Place Benny Carter / Phil Woods Mixing
1996 Broken Hip Tony d'Aveni Engineer
1996 Crosscurrent Crosscurrent Mixing
1996 Seasons of Life Chris Theriault Producer, Engineer
1996 The Crazy Woman Frank Carlberg Mastering
1996 The Island Eric T. Johnson Engineer, Mixing
1995 Cape Ann Peter Calo Engineer, Sax (Soprano)
1995 Dimensional Odyssey Henry Cook Mixing, Editing
1995 Identidad Mili Bermejo Editing
1995 On a Boston Night Lello Molinari Quintet Mixing
1995 Pleasured Hands Jack Pezanelli Mixing
1995 Second Sight Joe Mulholland Pre-Mastering
1995 Singularity Rob Levit Mastering
1994 Beyond the Blue Sky Pascal Bokar Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1994 Blue Deeper Than Blue Garrison Fewell Pre-Mastering
1994 By Whose Standards Marguerite Juenemann Engineer
1994 Edgewise Vance Gilbert Engineer
1994 From This Moment On Lisa Thorson Editing
1994 Last Night While You Slept Michael Shea Engineer, Mixing, Digital Editing, Mastering
1993 Dreamland Darrell Katz Editing, Pre-Mastering
1993 From the Greenhouse Chris Neville Engineer, Mixing
1993 Sunday Train Bill Lowe Engineer, Drums
1992 Blind Drive Frank Carlberg Mastering
1992 Playing for Keeps LaPorta / Wilder / Britt Woodman Mastering
1992 Research and Development Charlie Kohlhase Quintet Digital Editing
1992 The Calculus of Pleasure Either/Orchestra Editing
1992 While You Were Out Orange Then Blue Engineer, Mixing
1991 Kill the Messenger Barry Crimmins Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1991 Myanna Myanna Mastering
1981 Swing Shift Dick Johnson Sax (Tenor), Sax (Baritone)
A Wallflower in the Amazon Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra / Darrell Katz Mixing
Bright Side of My Life Karaoko Pilkington Mixing, Mastering
Pitanga John Finbury Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mastering, Art Direction
Sound Particle 47 Density Sound Orchestra / Garrison Fewell Mixing, Mastering
Tomorrow's Past Giovanni Moltoni Mixing
Why Do You Ride? Darrell Katz / Darrell Katz & the JCA Orchestra Mixing