Billing themselves as purveyors of "Psychedelic D&D Rock & Roll," Ann Arbor, Michigan's Blue Snaggletooth combine elements of hard rock, heavy metal, and psychedelia (all pre-1975), and fuse them with lyrics inspired by classic sci-fi and fantasy; while the results are likely to please anyone into stoner rock, Blue Snaggletooth have no truck with irony or a tongue-in-cheek look at the past, and instead embrace their classic influences to build a sound that's physically powerfully but with plenty of sinewy groove. Taking their name from a minor character (and a highly collectable action figure) in the Star Wars universe, Blue Snaggletooth were formed in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Chris "Box" Taylor, a Michigan-based musician who has previously worked with cosmic punks Mazinga, powerful retro-rockers the Avatars, ...
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Beyond Thule 2014 Beyond Thule
Dimension Thule 2011 Dimension Thule
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