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Year Album Artist
2019 Wei-Wei Le Live in Concert: Bruch - Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46, Khachaturian - Violin Concerto Wei Wei Le Record Label
2019 Soul Searching H2 Quartet Record Label
2019 Music of the British Isles Richard Sherman / Genadi Zagor Record Label
2018 With All Strings Attached Jared Hauser Record Label
2018 Songs by William Horne John Boonenberg / Jennifer Goltz / Stephen Lusmann Record Label
2018 Skylines Iridium Quartet Record Label
2018 Rounded Binary: Preludes and Fugues of J.S. Bach and Dmitri Shostakovich Shi-An Costello Record Label
2018 Priya Mayadas: Live at Jordan Hall Priya Mayadas Record Label
2018 Night at the Opera, Part 1 Brian Hsu / Brian Keng-Lun Hsu Record Label
2018 Neon Flicker h2/4 Duo Record Label
2018 Medtner: Forgotten Melodies Cahill Smith Record Label
2018 Fantasy Ney Fialkow / Marcos Machado Record Label
2018 Emociones del Alma The Wagner Trio Record Label
2018 Ecstatic Songs Mirabai Women's Choir / Sandra Snow Record Label
2018 Consecration En-Chi Anna Ho / David Howard / Jill Justice Record Label
2018 Celebrating Women Composers: Higdon, Zwillich, Auerbach Frank Huang / Shannon Thomas Record Label
2017 Versus: Prokofiev - Piano Concerto No. 2; Chaikovsky - Piano Concerto No. 1 Irena Portenko / Volodymyr Sirenko / Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra / Ukranian National Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2017 Transhuman Jonathan Kuuskoski / New Muse Piano Duo / Paola Savvidou Record Label
2017 The Chase Ketevan Kartvelishvili Record Label
2017 Tenor Attitudes Jonathan Nichol Record Label
2017 Russian Giants: Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Weinberg, Stravinsky Janna Gandelsman / Yuri Gandelsman Record Label
2017 Rhapsodies Around the World Deborah Moriarty / Guy Yehuda Record Label
2017 New Discoveries The Cavell Trio Record Label
2017 La Tregua: Songs from a Lost World of Italian Jewish Composers Kathryn Goodson / Caroline Helton Record Label
2017 Klavier 1853 Adela Hyeyeon Park Record Label
2017 It's About Time: Music for Trombone by Women Composers Ava Ordman / Derek Keali'i Polischuk Record Label
2017 Inner Voice Aaron Hodgson Record Label
2017 Goldberg Variations Chih-Long Hu Record Label
2017 Epigrams Danilo Mezzadri Record Label
2017 Chamber Music of Bohuslav Martinu Yuri Gandelsman / Miroslav Hristov / Vladimir Valjarevic Record Label
2017 Beethoven: Sonatas for Violin & Piano 2, 4, 6 Zanta Hofmeyr / Ilia Radoslavov Record Label
2017 Beethoven: Sonata No. 28; Roslavets: Five Preludes; Scriabin: Sonata No. 1; Schumann: Symphonic Etudes Lynelle James Record Label
2017 Antique Violences: Music of John Mackey Michigan State University Wind Symphony / Kevin Sedatole Record Label
2017 A Musical Portrait of the American Southwest: Music of Dominic Dousa Dominic Dousa / Stephen Nordstrom Record Label
2016 The Right Frame of Mind Rodrick Dixon / Edward Mallett / Alvin Waddles Record Label
2016 Signals Cross Three Reeds Duo Record Label
2016 Schumann: Fantasie Op. 17; Brahms: 10 Intermezzi Iskander Zakirov Record Label
2016 Schumann's Enigma Natalia Tokar / Svetlana Tsivinskaya Record Label
2016 Schubert: Winterreise Jesse Blumberg / Martin Katz Record Label
2016 Music of Dilorom Saidaminova Tigran Shiganyan Record Label
2016 Mosaic Trio 826 Record Label
2016 Matryoshka Blues Svetlana Gorokhovich / Misha Quint Record Label
2016 Journey: Five Centuries of Song for the Saxophone Kristin Ditlow / Eric Lau Record Label
2016 In this Broad Earth Michigan State University Wind Symphony Record Label
2016 Impressions Nicholas Phillips Record Label
2016 Hard Line H2 Quartet Record Label
2016 Dreamtime Zodiac Trio Record Label
2016 Dream Catchers: Masters in Miniature Julia Siciliano Record Label
2016 Bucoliques: French Album III Richard Sherman / Minsoo Sohn Record Label
2016 Brahms Brian Lee Record Label
2016 Bach Jared Hauser Record Label
2015 Works by Schumann & Brahms Margaryta Golovko Record Label
2015 Trouvailles! Hannah Holman / Rene Lecuona Record Label
2015 Robert Satterlee plays Rzewski & Albright Robert Satterlee Record Label
2015 Music for a New Century Nicholas Deyoe / Akira Mori / Sarah Plum Record Label
2015 Metamorfora Ney Fialkow / Marcos Machado Record Label
2015 Janus Rajung Yang Record Label
2015 Fusion Richard Steinbach Record Label
2015 Fantasia: Solo Flute Music of the American Continent Martha Councell Record Label
2015 Chamber Music of Willliam Horne, Vol. 1 Record Label
2015 Béla Bartók: Music for Violin & Piano Timothy Lovelace / Sarah Plum Record Label
2015 Brahms & Reger: Sonatas for Clarinet and Piano Ralph Votapek / Guy Yehuda Record Label
2015 Balance Capitol Quartet Record Label
2014 Viewpoints Andrew Bergeron / Carmen Maret Record Label
2014 Trifecta Trio plays Koetsier, Niederberger, Danner & Bowen Trifecta Trio Record Label
2014 Transcension J. Adam Briggs Record Label
2014 The Transfigured Nightingale Robert Kortgaard / Jerome Summers Record Label
2014 Tempo Trapezio Svetlana Gorokhovich / Misha Quint Record Label
2014 Soul Companion Ian Maksin Record Label
2014 Sechs Klavierstücke Iskander Zakirov Record Label
2014 Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata No. 1 Jin Hwa Lee Record Label
2014 Nicholas Roth Plays Robert Schumann: Humoreske, Op. 20; Novelletten, Op. 21 Nicholas Roth Record Label
2014 Joyful Dances Kjuyeon Kang Record Label
2014 Into a Cloud Jared Hauser Record Label
2014 Into Xylonia Iridium Quartet Record Label
2014 Gran Danzón Martha Councell / Olman Piedra / Rich Steinbach Record Label
2014 Fantasies, Fairytales & Nightmares Ani Gogova Record Label
2014 Evocación Charisse Baldoria Record Label
2014 Differential Moods Jeffrey Loeffert Record Label
2014 Dialogue The Cavell Trio Record Label
2014 Bridge, Barber, Rachmaninoff: Sonatas for Cello & Piano Dmitri Atapine / Adela Hyeyeon Park Record Label
2014 Brahms: Piano Works Peter Miyamoto Record Label
2014 Bach: Suites for Solo Cello, Vol. 1 - Suites 1-3 Joel Becktell Record Label
2014 An American Tapestry Peter Lightfoot / Deborah Moriarty Record Label
2014 A Piano Recital Peter Miyamoto Record Label
2013 Walter Anderson: The Islander; Songs of Logan Skelton Jennifer Goltz / Stephen Lusmann / John Logan Skelton Record Label
2013 Through the Centuries, Vol. 1 Daniel Sweaney / Annette-Barbara Vogel Record Label
2013 The Complete Cello Sonatas of Bernhard Romberg Hannah Holman / Rene Lecuona Record Label
2013 The Blakemore Trio plays Beethoven and Ravel The Blakemore Trio Record Label
2013 Terra Incognita Derek Keali'i Polischuk Record Label
2013 Talking in my Sleep: Chamber Music of Murray Gross Record Label
2013 Songs of Logan Skelton: The Mad Potter Stephen Lusmann / Logan Skelton Record Label
2013 Songs of Logan Skelton: Dickinson Songs Jennifer Goltz / Logan Skelton Record Label
2013 Soliloquy: Music for Unaccompanied Violin Maria Bessmeltseva Record Label
2013 Première Sangmi Lim / Ryan Romine Record Label
2013 Pieces of the World Marta Bagratuni Record Label
2013 Paul Hindemith Retrospective: Viola Sonatas Yuri Gandelsman / Ralph Votapek Record Label
2013 Music of Armenia Suren Bagratuni Record Label
2013 Mozart & Grieg, Vol. 2 Iskander Zakirov Record Label
2013 La Voix Nue Patricia Green Record Label
2013 French Album, Vol. II: Homage to Pedagogy Richard Sherman / Ralph Votapek Record Label
2013 Ad Libitum Sergei Kvitko Record Label
2012 Zodiac Trio plays Stravinsky, Bacri, Ustvolskaya & Bartók Zodiac Trio Record Label
2012 Ricky Ian Gordon: Silver Rain Nicole Cabell / Ricky Ian Gordon Record Label
2012 Once I Was: Songs by Ricky Ian Gordon Ricky Ian Gordon / Stacey Tappan Record Label
2012 Music of Damase, Reinecke & Rose Mirabelle Trio Record Label
2012 Lowell Liebermann: Sonatas for Cello & Piano Dmitri Atapine / Adela Hyeyeon Park Record Label
2012 Franz Liszt: Selected Works Dmitri Vorobiev Record Label
2012 Eugène Ysaÿe: Six Sonatas for Solo Violin, Op. 27 Andrej Kurti Record Label
2012 Contraptions Ben Miles Record Label
2012 Boomslang: New Music for Marimba Gwendolyn Burgett Record Label
2012 Alfred Schnittke: Works for Violin Tigran Shiganyan Record Label
2012 20th Century Masterpieces, Vol. 2 Ralph Votapek Record Label
2011 The Sonata Album Quentin Kim Record Label
2011 Russian Romance Maxim Rubtsov Record Label
2011 Piano Music of Ricky Ian Gordon John Nauman Record Label
2011 Kaleidoscope: 25 Preludes and Fugues for Piano and Humankind by Israel Kremen Irena Portenko Record Label
2011 Debussy: The Toy Box; Poulenc: The Story of Babar Ken Beachler / Sergei Kvitko Record Label
2011 Absconditus: Music by Sidney Corbett Sarah Plum Record Label
2010 Tribute to Frédéric Chopin, 200th Anniversary Irena Portenko Record Label
2010 Schubert: The Last Sonatas Ralph Votapek Record Label
2010 A Horse with Wings: Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon Ricky Ian Gordon Record Label
2009 Reflections Dmitri Vorobiev Record Label
2009 Brazilian Soundscapes: 21st Century Music for Flute and Piano Danilo Mezzadri / Elizabeth Moak Record Label
2008 Water Way Folias Record Label
2008 Victor Uzur in Recital Victor Uzur Record Label
2008 Unsleeping: Songs by Living Composers Patricia Green Record Label
2008 Trio Nobilis Plays Tchaikovsky Nobilis Record Label
2008 This Joy: MSU Children's Choir in Concert MSU Children's Choir Record Label
2008 The Ice Age and Beyond: Songs by Canadian Women Composers Patricia Green Record Label
2008 Romantic Tales Quentin Kim Record Label
2008 Of Lands and People Far Away Sergei Kvitko Record Label
2008 Generations H2 Quartet Record Label
2008 From Mozart to Piazzolla Albertine Votapek / Ralph Votapek Record Label
2008 Formosa Caprices Chih-Long Hu Record Label
2008 Dialogs: Music for Two Cellos Record Label
2008 Beethoven: Complete Sonatas and Variations for Cello & Piano Suren Bagratuni Record Label
2008 And Flowers Pick Themselves Melanie Helton Record Label
2008 A Schubert Recital Peter Miyamoto Record Label
2007 Temporal Fantasies of Britten & Hindemith Jared Hauser Record Label
2007 Spectral Trio Spectral Trio Record Label
2007 Mozart: Violin Sonatas K. 301, 304, 376 & 454 Aaron Berofsky / Thomas Sauer Record Label
2007 Marimba Suites Gwendolyn Burget Thrasher Record Label
2007 Grieg: Lyric Pieces Nicholas Roth Record Label
2006 The French Album Richard M. Sherman Record Label
2006 The Entertainers Andrej Kurti / Victor Uzur Record Label
2006 Ralph Votapek plays George Gershwin Ralph Votapek Record Label
2006 Marufo Vega Andrew Bergeron / Folias / Pedro Laurenz / Carmen Maret Record Label
2006 Dances Natalia Khoma / Volodymyr Vynnytsky Record Label
2005 Dracula (Original Music by Sergei Kvitko) Sergei Kvitko Record Label
2005 A Touch of Brazil: Piano Music of Edino Krieger Alexandre Dossin Record Label
2004 With a Song in My Heart Gerald J. Blanchard Record Label
2004 Tangos Metamorphoses Folias Record Label
2004 Beethoven: Sonata in A major; Rachmaninov: Sonata in G minor Natalia Khoma Record Label
2004 Bach: Cello Suites Suren Bagratuni Record Label
2001 Schumann: Novelletten, Op. 21 Nicholas Roth Record Label
2001 Debussy, Rachmaninov, Stravinsky: Music for Cello and Piano Suren Bagratuni Record Label
What You'd Call a Dream Neill Campbell / John Riesen Record Label
Wanderlust: The Flute Music of David Amram Amanda Arrington / Karen McLaughlin Large Record Label
Verdehr Trio Archival Series, Vols. 1, 2 & 3 Verdehr Trio Record Label
Vanderbilt Virtuosi Molly Barth / Jared Hauser Record Label
Twinge: Music by Jon Magnussen, Words by Barry Bearak Barry Bearak / Haven Trio Record Label
Trio Contemplating the Moon: Beethoven, Sharlat, Eberl Trio Séléné Record Label
Times & Spaces H2 Quartet Record Label
The Sound and the Fury Yerin Kim / Brendan Shea / Shea-Kim Duo Record Label
The Russian Album Nicholas Roth Record Label
The Art of Collective Invention The Cavell Trio Record Label
Tango and Snow Folias Record Label
String Theory: Music from Albéniz to Zeppelin Richter Uzur Duo / Brad Richter / Viktor Uzur Record Label
Songs of My Childhood Suren Bagratuni / Hrant Bagrazyan Record Label
Songs from a Lost World of Italian Jewish Composers, Vol. III: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco Kathryn Goodson / Caroline Helton Record Label
Silent Colors Matthew Hill Record Label
Schumann in Love Genadi Zagor Record Label
Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione; Schumann: Adagio and Allegro; Fantasy Pieces; Five Pieces in Folk Style Suren Bagratuni / Jen-Ru Sun Record Label
Russian Sonatas: Myaskovsky, Scrabin Timur Mustakimov Record Label
Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe, Op. 48; Liederkreis Op. 39 Laure Colladant / Stephen Lancaster Record Label
Ricky Ian Gordon: Green Sneakers Jesse Blumberg / Miami String Quartet Record Label
Red The Elysian Quartet Record Label
Posthumous: Preludes, Nocturnes and Mazurkas of Frédéric Chopin Shi-An Costello Record Label
Por Ti, Mi Corazon: Three Centuries of Art Song by Mexican Composers Alejandro Barrañón / Anné-Marie Condacse Record Label
Phoenix Rising Christopher Creviston Record Label
Past Perfect: Concertos by Pla, Telemann, Albinoni, and Bach Yuri Gandelsman / Jared Hauser Record Label
Operatic Oboe Jared Hauser Record Label
Open Borders: Music of Ricardo Lorenz Raphael Jimenez Record Label
Noodlings: Ragtime and Jazz compositions by Joe & George hamilton Green, Teddy Brown, and Rudy Wiedoeft Ed Mallett / Noah Mallett / Alvin Waddles / Dominic Waddles Record Label
Mozart: Piano Works Tai-Cheng Chen Record Label
Mozart Post Scriptum Sergei Kvitko / Madrid Soloists Chamber Orchestra / Tigran Shiganyan Record Label
Metamorphosis Three Reeds Duo Record Label
Mendelssohn: Complete Works for Cello & Piano Donna Lee / Keith Robinson Record Label
Latin American Music for 2 Pianos Sarkis Baltaian / Derek Keali'i Polischuk Record Label
L' Adieu Ryan Behan / Katherine Rohrer Record Label
King Mangoberry Music of Ricardo Lorenz Michigan State University Wind Symphony / Kevin Sedatole Record Label
Journey to France Tigran Shiganyan Record Label
Jazz-Tinged Joseph Lulloff / Charles Ruggiero Record Label
Jazz It Up! Ukrainian Songs for Three Dads Bob Arthurs / Steve Lamattina Record Label
Infinity Mirror H2 Quartet Record Label
Infinitude: A story that never ends Vitaly Serebriakov Record Label
Handful of Dust: Music of Igor Karaca H2 Quartet Record Label
Groove Machine H2 Quartet Record Label
Great Pianists as Composers: Peter Miyamoto Peter Miyamoto Record Label
From Earth & Sky: Music of Jenni Brandon Lindabeth Binkley Record Label
Fresca Barocca: Telemann, Vivaldi, Couperin, Geminani, Handel Polly Brecht / Jared Hauser / Francis Perry / Christopher Stenstrom Record Label
Four Shades of French: Music of Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Poulenc, and Franck Joseph Lulloff / Deborah Moriarty Record Label
Forgotten Romantics Riko Higuma / Jeffrey Palmer / Ralph Votapek / Guy Yehuda Record Label
Flute/Clarinet Chronicles Crescent Duo / Zhao Wang / Tracy Watson Record Label
First Piano Sonatas: Scriabin, Rachmaninoff Zixiang Wang Record Label
Doorways Half-Remembered Music Susan Yang Record Label
David Stambler: Resilient Hannah Creviston / Jun Okada / David Stambler Record Label
Claude Bolling's Toot Suite - And More! Edward Mallett / Alvin Waddles Record Label
Chinese Fantasies Fangye Sun Record Label
Chamber Music of William Horne Record Label
C Minor Progression Peter Miyamoto Record Label
Bric-A-Brac: Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon Ricky Ian Gordon Record Label
Bold Beauty: Songs by Juliana Hall Molly Fillmore / Elvia Puccinelli Record Label
Beauty Riko Higuma / Jeffrey Palmer / Ralph Votapek / Guy Yehuda Record Label
Archival Series of Transcriptions for Violin-Clarinet-Piano Trio Verdehr Trio Record Label
Anxiety Attack: Robert Schumann - Dichterliebe; Gabriel Kahane - Craigslistlieder Melanie Helton / Derek Keali'i Polischuk Record Label
American Landscapes for Guitar David Finckel / Brad Richter Record Label
All In Helix Collective Record Label
24 Paganini Caprices Andrej Kurti Record Label
... Our Passage to the Stars ... Olga Kleiankina Record Label