Blaise Barton


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Year Album Artist
2017 Existentialism The Mekons Mastering
2017 Pick Your Poison Selwyn Birchwood Mixing
2016 The Chicago Way Toronzo Cannon Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
2016 The Big Sound of Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Engineer, Mixing
2015 Fat Man's Shine Parlor Bnois King / Smokin' Joe Kubek Mastering
2015 Jura Robbie Fulks / Mini-Mekons Mastering
2015 Someone Like You Albert Cummings Mixing, Mastering
2014 Blues Shock Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues Mastering
2014 Emergency Situation Rod Piazza / Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers Mastering
2014 Here Be Monsters Jon Langford & Skull Orchard / Jon Langford Engineer
2014 Live My Life Sena Ehrhardt Mastering
2014 Ragged & Dirty Devon Allman Engineer
2014 Sounds of Home Damon Fowler Mastering
2013 All In Sena Ehrhardt Mastering
2013 Black Toppin' Cash Box Kings Mastering
2013 Hard for to Win and Can't Be Won Nathan Salsburg Mixing, Mastering
2013 Knockin' Around These Blues Bob Corritore / John Primer Engineer
2013 Stranger in My Land Roger Knox / The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Mixing
2013 Waterdrawn The Horse's Ha Mixing
2012 And Still I Rise Heritage Blues Orchestra Mixing, Mastering
2012 Bad Boy Magic Slim / Magic Slim & the Teardrops Mixing, Mastering
2012 Billy Boy Arnold Sings Big Bill Broonzy Billy Boy Arnold Engineer, Mixing
2012 Great Chicago Fire Paul Burch / Waco Brothers Mastering
2012 Heaven Pinetop Perkins Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Jump Start Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Engineer, Mixing
2012 Pianoland Deanna Bogart Mastering
2012 Purpose Buddy Fambro Engineer
2012 Show of Strength Michael Burks Engineer, Mixing
2012 So-Called Friends: His Best 15 Songs Eddie Taylor Jr. Engineer
2012 The Big Payback Big James and the Chicago Playboys Mixing, Mastering
2012 The Devil Ain't Got No Music Lurrie Bell Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Affirmed Nathan Salsburg Mixing, Mastering
2011 Alligator Records 40th Anniversary Collection Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Chicago Blues: A Living History - The (R)evolution Continues Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Devil Got His Way Damon Fowler Mixing, Mastering
2011 Holler and Stomp Cash Box Kings Mastering
2011 Leave the Light On Sena Ehrhardt Mastering
2011 The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue: Live! Tommy Castro Mixing
2010 Baby Please Set a Date Elmore James Engineer, Mixing
2010 Celtic Dances: The Legend Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Dear Diary Dear Diary Engineer, Mastering
2010 Hooked On Your Love Kenny Neal Overdub Engineer, Mixdown Engineer
2010 Joined at the Hip Pinetop Perkins / Willie "Big Eyes" Smith Engineer
2010 Not My Warden Little Al Thomas & The Deep Down Fools / Little Al Thomas Engineer
2010 Raising the Bar Magic Slim / Magic Slim & the Teardrops Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Stand Together Harper Mastering
2010 The Essential Popa Chubby Popa Chubby Compilation Mastering
2010 The Otherside Bernard Allison Engineer
2010 The Blues Sessions Tim Woods Engineer, Mixing
2009 An Spealadoir Bua Mastering
2009 Chicago Blues: A Living History Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Cover Photo
2009 Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers Commander Cody Mastering
2009 From the Country to the City Eddie Taylor Jr. Engineer
2009 How Will You? Azita Engineer
2009 Just Another Day in Hell Pete Berwick Mastering
2009 On a Good Day...I Am Sons of the Never Wrong Mixing, Mastering
2009 Right Here Right Now Big James Montgomery Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Sugar Shack Damon Fowler Engineer, Mixing, Recorder, Mastering
2009 Sunnyland Zora Young Mixing
2009 The Essential Coco Montoya Coco Montoya Mastering
2009 Yellowhammers Yellowhammers Mastering
2008 12 Angry Months Local H Engineer
2008 Bluewolf Bloodwalk Snarling Adjective Convention Mastering
2008 Bound to Go Andrew Calhoun Mixing
2008 Bring the Angels Down Beazley Phillips Band Engineer, Mastering
2008 Dead Set on Destruction Never Enough Mastering
2008 Feel So Good Albert Cummings Mixing, Mastering
2008 Full Tilt Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Engineer, Mixing
2008 Iron Man Michael Burks Engineer, Mixing
2008 Love at Thirty Beaujolais Mastering
2008 Menace II Sobriety Cross Examination Mastering
2008 Midnight Blues Magic Slim & the Teardrops Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Mastering
2008 My First Posthumous Release Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 On a Fine Spring Evening The Tossers Mastering
2008 Prelude to Tyranny Deathcycle Mastering
2008 Spoken Wor[L]D Travel Mastering
2008 Take Control Shot Baker Audio Engineer, Mastering
2008 The Working Dead Plan of Attack Mastering
2008 Travel Comes @Live Travel Mastering
2008 Weathering the Storm Get Back Up Mastering
2007 Another Year or So Naomi Ashley Mastering
2007 Back To Cool The Fun Hit Wonders Mastering
2007 Booty Bumpin': Recorded Live Elvin Bishop Mastering
2007 Dance of the Wicked Sister Sin Mastering
2007 Day by Day Harper Mastering
2007 Electric Chubbyland, Vol. 1 Popa Chubby Mastering
2007 Electric Chubbyland, Vol. 2 Popa Chubby Mastering
2007 First Born Azteca Mastering
2007 Hole in That Jug Dennis Binder Engineer, Mixing, Remastering, Editing, Mastering
2007 Let's Talk About Love Lurrie Bell Mixing, Mastering
2007 Long Time Coming Nappy Brown Mastering
2007 Magic Touch John Németh Mastering
2007 Rockin in the Juke Joint Johnny Drummer Engineer, Mixing, Remastering, Editing, Mastering
2007 The Essential Magic Slim Magic Slim Mastering
2007 The Welcome Kinetic Morning Recordings Mastering
2007 This Time Last Time Every Time 8 Inch Betsy Mastering
2006 123 Teenage Blackout Mastering
2006 Aphrodisiac Andre Williams Mastering
2006 Don't Know Nothing About Love Bill Perry Mastering
2006 Every Step of the Way Mark Dvorak Mastering
2006 Fortunes Tobin Sprout Mastering
2006 Four Thirty Great Crusades Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Frequency Frequency Mastering
2006 Gay Games VII Chicago 2006, Vol. 2: Let the Games Begin Producer
2006 Got My Eyes on You Barrelhouse Chuck Mixing, Editing
2006 Grown in You Branches Mastering
2006 Misery Brigade Regret Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Music With a Twist: Revolutions Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 My Heart's in Texas Smokin' Joe Kubek Mixing, Mastering
2006 Our Separate Ways Terry White Mastering
2006 Rattleshake Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Engineer, Mixing
2006 Real Time Deanna Bogart Mixing, Mastering
2006 Sermon from Bethlehem Billy C. Wirtz Mastering
2006 Smoking Popes At Metro Smoking Popes Mastering
2006 Stampede Few and The Proud Mastering
2006 Stealing the Devil's Guitar Popa Chubby Mastering
2006 The Essential Jimmy Thackery Jimmy Thackery Mastering
2006 Working Man Albert Cummings Mastering
2005 Anything Can Happen Magic Slim Mastering
2005 Arcadian Hymns Dogme 95 Mastering
2005 Big Man Big Guitar: Popa Chubby Live Popa Chubby Mastering
2005 Country Falls Husky Rescue Mastering
2005 Dimmer The Zincs Mastering
2005 Fire, Blood, Water The Living Blue Mastering
2005 For You Only Rachel Ries Mastering
2005 Gettin' My Groove Back Elvin Bishop Mastering
2005 Make Some Time for Wasting Katie Todd Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Music for Places Morning Recordings Mastering
2005 Nuthatch Suite Sons of the Never Wrong Mixing, Mentor, Mastering
2005 Pink Water Violins Mastering
2005 Right About Love Reneé Austin Mastering
2005 These Kind of Blues! Matthew Skoller Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2005 Tilting at Windmills Consafos Mastering
2004 Demons and Rare Meat Mastering
2004 Elixir/Music For Moving & Stil Meditation Yang Ying Mastering
2004 Flying Colors Michael Henson Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Italian Aviation: 1971 Italian Aviation Remastering
2004 Popcorn The Coctails Engineer, Mastering
2004 Realm of Indifference Insult to Injury Producer
2004 Show Me the Money Smokin' Joe Kubek Mastering
2004 So Serious The Like Young Mastering
2004 String of Bees Lesser Birds of Paradise Mastering
2004 There and Back Again (Live at the Aragon) Winterhawk Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Til the Dawn Nora O'Connor Mastering
2004 Wandering Eyes Dylan Rice Programming, Drum Programming, Mastering
2003 Art Contest The Like Young Mastering
2003 Artistry in Symphonic Jazz Stan Kenton Editing, Mastering
2003 Bright Flashes Snapcase Mastering
2003 Family Jewels The Safes Engineer
2003 Genuine Houserockin' Christmas Engineer, Mixing
2003 Guitar Jimmy Thackery Mastering
2003 Italian Aviation: 1975 Italian Aviation Remastering
2003 Roadhouse Research Smokin' Joe Kubek Mastering
2003 Suffrajett Suffrajett Mastering
2003 Switchin' in the Kitchen Dave Clark Engineer
2003 The Hungry Years Popa Chubby Mastering
2003 Up Late With People Ness Mastering
2002 Bimini Nights Nathaniel Saunders Engineer, Photography, Executive Producer
2002 Crazy Kind of Life Bill Perry Mastering
2002 Four Ever On Sons of the Never Wrong Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Gravity of Crow Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Harmony Riley Harmony Riley Mastering
2002 It Isn't the Fall Lesser Birds of Paradise Mastering
2002 No Good No Time No Pride River City Rebels Mastering
2002 Swirl Epicycle Mastering
2002 Tom's Cafe James F. Curley Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Victory Style, Vol. 5 Engineer
2002 We Can Replace You The Cells Mastering
2001 1991-2001: Forever True Earth Crisis Mastering
2001 Driftin' Louisiana Red Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2001 In Contrast of Tomorrow [Bonus Track] Integrity Mixing, Mastering
2001 Last of the Sane Earth Crisis Mastering
2001 One World, One Light Nelson Gill Mixing
2001 Salesmen & Racists Ike Reilly Engineer
2001 Shoulder to the Wind Matthew Skoller Mixing, Mastering, Production Consultant
2001 Unleaded Blues Johnny Drummer Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2001 You Are Here Gina Forsyth Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2000 After School Special Cats & Jammers Mastering
2000 Beluga...On the Rocks Round Three Mastering
2000 Doll Face Land of the El Caminos Mastering
2000 Endeavors to Oblivion Specturms in the Diabolique Mastering
2000 Nothing Ever Dies Cause for Alarm Mastering
2000 One If by Hand Sons of the Never Wrong Mixing, Mastering
2000 Requested Material Stingray UK Mastering
2000 Songs for the Prom Mastering
2000 The Windy Gap Laurence Nugent Mixing, Mastering
2000 This Is Our ~Music Travel Mastering
2000 Too Much Excitement Pistol Whipped Mastering
2000 Who Knows Where We Are Tekulvi Mastering
2000 Wonderful Moaning Lisa Mastering
1999 Jupiter Down Jupiter Down Mastering
1999 Man's Temptation Rockin' Johnny Mixing
1999 Millennium Blues Louisiana Red Mastering
1999 Pigeon's Throat Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Piano, Mastering
1999 Singin' with the Sun Little Arthur Duncan Mixing
1999 South Side Story Al Thomas Engineer
1999 Stars Made from Scars Today's My Super Spaceout Day Mastering
1999 The Muchacha The Dorks Producer, Mastering
1999 The Thirteen Electric Turn-Ons Big Angry Fish Mastering
1999 Who's Yo Daddy Blues Swingers Engineer, Mastering
1998 Blues Behind Closed Doors John Primer Mixing
1998 Chicago Blues Legends Engineer
1998 Chicago's Hottest Guitars: Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 25 Phil Guy Engineer
1998 Every Woman's Blues: The Best of New Generation Engineer
1998 Opus Oil Slick # Same Said Travel Mastering
1998 She Got a Thing Goin' On Sunnyland Slim Engineer, Editing, Mastering, Restoration, Re-Recording
1998 Waiting For The Parade Pilar's Carnival Mastering
1997 Come in 773! Producer
1997 Consequence of Speech Sons of the Never Wrong Mixing, Mastering
1997 Drunk With Power Jaws of Life Mastering
1997 Martian Chronicles Telegraph Mastering, Construction
1997 Muchacha Muchacha Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 The World Don't Owe Me Nothing David "Honeyboy" Edwards Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
1997 Today's My Super Spaceout Day Today's My Super Spaceout Day Mastering
1997 Tribute to Magic Sam Engineer
1996 Ain't Gonna Worry Johnny Yard Dog Jones Engineer
1996 Experimentfarmroad Telegraph Mastering
1996 Keep on Walkin' Dave Weld / Ed Williams / Lil' Ed Williams Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Assembly
1996 Look at Me Liz Mandville Greeson Engineer
1996 Monsignor Venus [ep] Lupins Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1996 Naked in a Trailer Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1996 The Blues Is Nothing But Good News! Eddie Shaw Engineer
1995 Braintree The Critics Digital Editing
1995 Information Overload Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Long Sound The Coctails Engineer
1995 Rock 'N Roll Valhalla Oo Oo Wa Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 Goin' Back in the Times Homesick James Williamson Mixing, Mastering
1994 Sleepy Catherine Mastering
1994 Solid Action The Vandermark Quartet Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
1993 Past, Present, & Future Aron Burton Engineer
1993 Screen Kiss Oo Oo Wa Mastering
1992 Flatten Scrub Mastering
1992 Good Candy Lovie Lee Remixing
1992 Sweet Simon Conte Candoli Mastering
1992 Tell My Story Movin' Louis Myers Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1991 Ain't It Nice Willie Kent Engineer
1991 Daddy, When Is Mama Comin' Home Big Jack Johnson Engineer
1991 In the Garden Deadbeats Digital Mastering
1991 Kant Sheck Dees Bluze Jimmy Dawkins Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Recorder
1990 Back Breaking Blues Michael Coleman's Blues Band Engineer
1990 Shiny New Christmas Ed Vodicka Mastering
1989 Believe It! Joanna Connor Mixing Assistant
1978 The Original Honeydripper Roosevelt Sykes Mixing, Mastering
13 Live Jimmy Vivino & the Black Italians Mixing, Mastering
Alien Terrain Demetri Fox Mastering
Angels Sing the Blues Engineer
Austin Texas the Rock Opera Franky and the Band Engineer
Blues Immigrant Matthew Skoller Mixing, Mastering
Brave Last Days Brave Last Days Mastering
Chrysalis Mastering
Daddy Told Me Shawn Holt & The Teardrops Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Don't Call No Ambulance Selwyn Birchwood Mixing
Give It Time Pete Berwick Mastering
Holding Court Cash Box Kings Mastering
Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched! The Claudettes Mastering
King Fisher King Sons of the Never Wrong Mixing, Mastering
Lake City Ron Sorin & Blue Coast Band Engineer, Mastering
Making Time Liz Knowles Mixing, Mastering, Engineer
Michael Henson & Heartlands Michael Henson Engineer, Mixing, Remastering, Mastering
Muddy Waters 100 John Primer Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Additional Production, Drum Loop, Farfisa Organ, Guiro, Piano, Shakere, Spoons, Synthesizer Bass, Tambourine
Northwest Highway Norwood Park All Stars Mastering
Power Of The Blues... Feels Like A Hurricane Hurricane Ruth Mastering
Privileged Nick Moss Mixing, Mastering
Sad Go Lucky Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Set the World on Fire Brent Johnson Mastering
Spikes Mastering
Spin Spin Dizzy Al Rose Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Stop Breaking Down Eddie Taylor Jr. Producer
The Gig Is On Lubriphonic Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
True Colors Nancy Walker Mixing
Volume The Three Johns Remixing