Björn Schmelzer

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Björn Schmelzer is the founder and conductor of Graindelavoix, as well as an interdisciplinary scholar and writer.
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Björn Schmelzer is a Belgian choral conductor, musicologist, and anthropologist, though he frequently crosses disciplines and incorporates many academic and creative influences in his performances of medieval music. He founded the vocal ensemble Graindelavoix in 1999, a group that explores the varieties of practices in medieval vocal repertoire. By researching the history and geography of Mediterranean traditions, Schmelzer draws on traditions found in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, specifically employing the ornamentation and styles that are documented or which still survive. He has performed as a guest conductor and given lectures, additionally writing for various publications. He was named Young Musician of the Year by the Belgian Music Press. In the process of leading Graindelavoix, Schmelzer has documented the group's activities in films, and participated in audio-visual installations. He has recorded several albums for Glossa.