The Australian group Big Pig made a memorable first impression in 1988 with the belligerent percussion and incendiary vocals of their only U.S. hit, "Breakaway." Big Pig was noted for their fashion sense as well, wearing leather aprons that gave them a unique look. Formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1986, Big Pig was comprised of Oleh Witer (vocals, percussion), Sherine Abeyratne (vocals, percussion), Tony Antonaides (vocals, harmonica), Tim Rosewarne (vocals, keyboards), Neil Baker (drums), Adrian Scaglione (drums), and Nick Disbray (vocals, percussion). Witer, Sherine, and Rosewarne were originally in the band Bang; however, Witer wanted an edgier, more experimental sound that also retained Bang's funky rhythms. In 1986, Big Pig released a self-titled EP; it was later distributed by Australia's Mushroom label with bonus dance mixes of ...
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