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Year Album Artist
2018 Don't It Feel Good/Salongo/Tequila Mockingbird/Love Notes Ramsey Lewis Record Label
2018 Let's Go/Play 1963's Great Instrumental Hits/Charge/Play the Chuck Berry Song Book Routers Record Label
2017 Already Here/Wovoka/Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes Redbone Record Label
2017 Be True to You/Sweet Surprise Eric Andersen Record Label
2017 Chritsmas Present/The Other Side of Me/Andy/Let's Love While Andy Williams Record Label
2017 Country Classics/Night Games/Power of Love/Back to the Country Charley Pride Record Label
2017 Elaborations/Light Blue: Arthur Blythe Plays Thelonious Monk Arthur Blythe Record Label
2017 Finbar & Eddie Furey/Traditional Irish Pipe Music/The Lonesome Boatman Finbar & Eddie Furey Record Label
2017 From the Streets of New York/Hot Sox/Sha Na Now Sha Na Na Record Label
2017 Get Down/Live Catfish Catfish Record Label
2017 Highway One/Conception: The Gift of Love/Un Poco Loco Bobby Hutcherson Record Label
2017 I've Got a Reason/Dance a Little Light/I Still Have Dreams Richie Furay Record Label
2017 In Style/Here Comes the Night David Johansen Record Label
2017 In the Arms of Love/Honey/Get Together with Andy Williams Andy Williams Record Label
2017 International Jim Reeves/Kimberley Jim/My Cathedral Jim Reeves Record Label
2017 Lighthouse/Suite Feeling/Peacing It All Lighthouse Record Label
2017 Like It Is/Honey-Drippin' Blues Junior Parker Record Label
2017 Live at Kansas State/The Earl Scruggs Revue/Rockin' Cross the Country/Family Portrait Earl Scruggs / The Earl Scruggs Revue Record Label
2017 Loading Zone/You're Not Alone Roy Buchanan Record Label
2017 Love Theme From the Godfather/Solitaire/You Lay So Easy on My Mind Andy Williams Record Label
2017 Middle Man/Other Roads Boz Scaggs Record Label
2017 Out Where the Bright Lights Are Glowing/There's No Getting Over Me Ronnie Milsap Record Label
2017 Ramdango/Crazy Blues/Shake It Up Mick Clarke Record Label
2017 Rock Festival/Ride the Wind/Good & Dusty The Youngbloods Record Label
2017 Skid/34 Hours Skid Row Record Label
2017 Small Talk/High on You/Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back Sly & the Family Stone Record Label
2017 Stoneground/Stoneground 3 Stoneground Record Label
2017 Tears of Joy/Connection Don Ellis Record Label
2017 Third Generation/Another Place/Go Hiroshima Record Label
2017 Together/Live at the International, Las Vegas/In Loving Memory Jerry Lee Lewis Record Label
2017 Undertow/Clouds Across the Sun/Break of Dawn Firefall Record Label
2017 Whole Lotta Shakin'/King of Rockabilly/Greatest Hits/On Top Carl Perkins Record Label
2017 Wonderful World of Andy Williams/Call Me Andy Williams Record Label
2017 You're My Jamaica/Roll on Mississippi/Everybody's Choice/Charley Pride Live Charley Pride Record Label
2017 Young & Country/Writes You a Record/I Love You Because/Don't Let Me Cross Over Jim Reeves Record Label
2016 Amazing Love/Pride of America/Charley Charley Pride Record Label
2016 Another Bridge to Burn/Touch My Heart/Danny Boy Ray Price Record Label
2016 Believe It/Million Dollar Legs/Joy of Flying Tony Williams Record Label
2016 Best of British/Where You're Concerned/Perry Perry Como Record Label
2016 Blowin Away/Honest Lullaby/European Tour Joan Baez Record Label
2016 Blue Horizon/Island Breeze Eric Gale Record Label
2016 Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen/Tales from the Ozone Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Record Label
2016 Doug Sahm & Band/Texas Tornado/Groovers Paradise Doug Sahm Record Label
2016 Dream Street Rose/Shadows/Salute Gordon Lightfoot Record Label
2016 Firefall/Luna Sea/Elan Firefall Record Label
2016 High Country Snows/Exiles Dan Fogelberg Record Label
2016 Home to Myself/Bright Eyes/Melissa/Help Is on the Way Melissa Manchester Record Label
2016 I Think of You/Perry Como in Nashville/Just Perry Como Record Label
2016 In My Life/Wildflowers/Whales & Nightingales Judy Collins Record Label
2016 In the Tradition/Lenox Avenue Breakdown/Illusions Arthur Blythe Record Label
2016 Is Having a Wonderful Time/Motion Geoff Muldaur Record Label
2016 Nicolette/In the Nick of Time/Radioland Nicolette Larson Record Label
2016 North Country Maid/Love in a Mist Marianne Faithfull Record Label
2016 Singer of Songs/Love Notes/I'll Need Someone to Hold Me When I Cry Janie Fricke Record Label
2016 Something's Coming!/Groovy Sound of Music/Time Gary Burton Record Label
2016 Sunflower/Goodbye Milt Jackson Record Label
2016 Sweet Harmony/Southern Winds/Open Your Eyes Maria Muldaur Record Label
2016 The Bass Miroslav Vitous Record Label
2016 The Lonesome Picker Rides Again/Sunstorm John Stewart Record Label
2016 The Rill Thing/King of Rock and Roll/The Second Coming Little Richard Record Label
2016 Tom Verlaine/Dreamtime Tom Verlaine Record Label
2016 True Stories/Just as I Thought David Sancious Record Label
2016 Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of/Nashville Underground/Alabama Wild Man/Better Things in Life Jerry Reed Record Label
2016 Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves/The Blue Side of Lonesome Jim Reeves Record Label
2015 Brothers/Music Fuh Ya' (Musica Para Tu)/Evolution (The Most Recent) Taj Mahal Record Label
2015 Country Charley Pride/The Country Way/Pride of Country Music/Make Mine Country Charley Pride Record Label
2015 Desire/Target Tom Scott Record Label
2015 Georgie Does His Thing With Strings / Knock On Wood E.P. / The CBS A's & B's Georgie Fame Record Label
2015 Head On/Freeways Bachman-Turner Overdrive Record Label
2015 Hold On/Workin' Band The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Record Label
2015 I-40 Country/Odd Man In Jerry Lee Lewis Record Label
2015 It's My Time/Hollywood Maynard Ferguson Record Label
2015 Let's Go/Acoustic The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Record Label
2015 Love, Life & Faith/Southern Nights/Motion Allen Toussaint Record Label
2015 Me & the First Lady/We're Gonna Hold On/Golden Ring George Jones / Tammy Wynette Record Label
2015 Moonshadows/Yesterday's Dreams/Spellbound Alphonso Johnson Record Label
2015 Mr. Mean/Gold Ohio Players Record Label
2015 Souled/For My Love… Mother Music José Feliciano Record Label
2015 Tabernakel/Eli Jan Akkerman Record Label
2015 The Dance of Life/Victory/Confidence Narada Michael Walden Record Label
2015 The Gap Band/The Gap Band II/The Gap Band III The Gap Band Record Label
2015 The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson/Alive & Well in London Maynard Ferguson Record Label
2015 Welcome to the Wrecking Ball/Software Grace Slick Record Label
2015 Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano/Sometimes a Memory Ain't Enough Jerry Lee Lewis Record Label
2014 Act One/Waters of Change Beggars Opera Record Label
2014 Back Door/8th Street Nites/Another Fine Mess Back Door Record Label
2014 Back Porch Bluegrass/Live!!! Almost!!!/Pickin' and Fiddlin' with Byron Berline The Dillards Record Label
2014 Bang/Miami James Gang Record Label
2014 Blue River/Stages: The Lost Album Eric Andersen Record Label
2014 Dory Previn/We're Children of Coincidence and Harpo Marx Dory Previn Record Label
2014 Dregs of the Earth/Unsung Heroes/Industry Standard The Dixie Dregs Record Label
2014 Hand Sown...Home Grown/Silk Purse/Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt Record Label
2014 Herman's Hermits/Both Sides Of.../There's a Kind of Hush All Over the World/Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter Herman's Hermits Record Label
2014 High Adventure/Vox Humana Kenny Loggins Record Label
2014 Keep Your Soul Together/Polar AC/Skagly Freddie Hubbard Record Label
2014 Legend ("Red Boot")/Moonshine Legend Record Label
2014 Listen.../I'll Keep You Satisfied/Little Children/Trains and Boats and Planes Billy J. Kramer Record Label
2014 Live at Last!/Sails of Silver Steeleye Span Record Label
2014 Night Is Still Young/Golden Age of Rock N Roll Sha Na Na Record Label
2014 Red Clay/Straight Life/First Light Freddie Hubbard Record Label
2014 Southwest/Sandman Herb Pedersen Record Label
2014 Thankful/I Love You So/Don't Look Back Natalie Cole Record Label
2014 The Dragon Is Dancing/Ports of the Heart Jimmie Spheeris Record Label
2014 Tom Scott & the L.A. Express/Tom Cat/New York Connection Tom Scott / Tom Scott & the L.A. Express Record Label
2012 Inseparable/Natalie/Unpredictable Natalie Cole Record Label
2010 Rocks, Pebbles and Sand/Let Me Know You Stanley Clarke Record Label
2008 Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now/We Came to Play/Back on the Streets Tower of Power Record Label
2008 It's Our Thing/Go All the Way The Isley Brothers Record Label
2007 Inside You/Real Deal The Isley Brothers Record Label
2007 Live It Up/Heat Is On The Isley Brothers Record Label
2007 One More Song/Randy Meisner Randy Meisner Record Label
2007 Out of the Woods/Roots in the Sky Oregon Record Label
2006 Showdown/Grand Slam The Isley Brothers Record Label
2005 Never Never Never/Good, Bad But Beautiful Shirley Bassey Record Label
2004 Live at the Marquee/Don't Point Your Finger Nine Below Zero Record Label
2004 Of Rivers & Religion/After the Ball John Fahey / John Fahey & His Orchestra Record Label
2004 Plain Dirt Fashion/Partners Brothers and Friends The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Record Label
2003 Valley Hi/Some Days You Eat the Bear and Some Days the Bear Eats You Ian Matthews Record Label
2001 "Danny Boy" And Other Songs I Love to Sing/Moon River And Other Great Movie Themes Andy Williams Record Label
2001 Take a Little Walk with Me Tom Rush Record Label
2000 Sweeney's Men/The Tracks of Sweeney Sweeney's Men Record Label
1995 Ghost Town/Inamorata Poco Record Label
1984 Caught in the Act Styx Record Label
1983 Not a Through Street Johnny Rivers Record Label
1982 All Dressed Up & No Place to Go Nicolette Larson Record Label
1981 Apple Juice Tom Scott Record Label
1980 Ball Room Sea Level Record Label
1979 Shot Through the Heart Jennifer Warnes Record Label
1976 Cactus Choir Dave Greenslade Record Label
1976 First Course Lee Ritenour Record Label
1975 Ball/Metamorphosis Iron Butterfly Record Label
1975 Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High) Charlie Rich Record Label
1975 Help Me Rhonda Johnny Rivers Record Label
1975 The Happiness of Having You/Sunday Morning/She's Just Charley Pride Record Label
1974 One More River to Cross Canned Heat Record Label
1973 It's Like You Never Left Dave Mason Record Label
1973 M.F. Horn, Vols. 4-5: Live at Jimmy's Maynard Ferguson Record Label
1973 River Terry Reid Record Label
1973 The Ozark Mountain Daredevils Ozark Mountain Daredevils Record Label
1973 Watch Seatrain Record Label
1972 Family Album Stoneground Record Label
1972 Ontinuous Performance Stone the Crows Record Label
1971 The Compleat Tom Paxton: Recorded Live Tom Paxton Record Label
1970 I Looked Up The Incredible String Band Record Label
1970 Ode to John Law Stone the Crows Record Label
1970 Stone the Crows Stone the Crows Record Label
1970 U The Incredible String Band Record Label
1969 Changing Horses The Incredible String Band Record Label
1968 Every One of Us Eric Burdon & the Animals Record Label
1968 Wee Tam & The Big Huge The Incredible String Band Record Label
Autumn/Shock Treatment Don Ellis Record Label
Between Nothingness & Eternity/Visions Mahavishnu Orchestra Record Label
Bitter Green/Colours of the Dawn/If I Sang My Song The Johnstons Record Label
Chameleon/Conquistador/Hot Maynard Ferguson Record Label
Charley Pride's 10th Album/From Me to You/Sings Heart Songs/I'm Just Me Charley Pride Record Label
Chi Coltrane/Let It Ride/Silk & Steel Chi Coltrane Record Label
City of Gold/Beautiful Lies You Could Live In Pearls Before Swine Record Label
Country Class/Country Memories Jerry Lee Lewis Record Label
Crying Song/Afro-Classic/The Rite of Spring Hubert Laws Record Label
Did You Think to Pray/A Sunshiny Day With Charley Pride/Sweet Country/Songs of Love by Charley Pride Charley Pride Record Label
Duster/Country Roads & Other Places Gary Burton Quartet Record Label
East/Providence Hiroshima Record Label
Eyewitness/Modern Times/Casa Loco Steve Khan Record Label
Garden of Love Light/I Cry, I Smile/Awakening Narada Michael Walden Record Label
Going Back to Colorado/Sunset Ride Zephyr Record Label
Hot City/Lovelock! Gene Page Record Label
Incredible String Band/5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion/The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter The Incredible String Band Record Label
John Stevens' Away/Somewhere in Between/Mazin Ennit John Stevens' Away Record Label
Katharsis/Earmeal/Presens Janne Schaffer Record Label
L.A. Express/Shadow Play L.A. Express Record Label
Legacy/Ramsey/Chance Encounter/Live at the Savoy Ramsey Lewis Record Label
Mike Harrison/Smokestack Lightning/Rainbow Rider Mike Harrison Record Label
Morning Brings the Light/John James/Sky in My Pie/Head in the Clouds John James Record Label
Ouch!/Hot Day Lake Record Label
Pathfinder/Get Your Dog Off Me Beggars Opera Record Label
Public Access/Headline/Crossings Steve Khan Record Label
Sleeping With Your Memory/It Ain't Easy/Love Lies/The First Word Janie Fricke Record Label
Soda Fountain Shuffle/Life Stories/Solo Guitar Earl Klugh Record Label
Street Action/Rock N Roll Nights Bachman–Turner Overdrive Record Label
The Introduction/Stand Up Steve Morse Band Record Label
The Real McCoy/Charlie McCoy/Good Time Charlie/The Fastest Harp in the South Charlie McCoy Record Label
Three Man Army/Three Man Army Two Three Man Army Record Label
Wanna Make Love/Sun-Power/Sunburn Sun Record Label