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Year Album Artist
2009 Destination MSM Schmidt Mixing, Mastering
2007 Transit MSM Schmidt Mixing, Mastering
2006 Time Wrap 06 Tiefschwarz Mastering
2006 Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier International Pony Mastering
2006 Eclat Monochrome Mastering
2005 Sing It with a Smile Superfly 69 Mastering
2005 Schein an: Filmmusik 1996-2004 Pit Przygodda Mastering
2005 Four Out of Five Aliens Recommend This Hardfloor Mastering
2004 Women in (E)Motion Amina Claudine Myers Trio / Amina Claudine Myers Mastering
2004 Women In (E)Motion Jo Ann Kelly Mastering
2004 Time Warp, Vol. 4 Umek Mastering
2004 Cocoon Mix Compilation Mastering
2003 Remix Heaven, Vol. 2 Mastering
2003 Neue Heimat 3 Mastering
2003 Beg 4 More Kay Cee Mastering
2003 Ascii Disko Ascii Disko Mastering
2002 Women in (E)motion Rory Block Mastering
2002 Women in (E)motion Odetta Mastering
2002 Or Golden Boy Mastering
2002 Cocoon Compilation C Mastering
2001 Wunschkind Oomph! Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2001 Sci-Fi: Level 4.4 Thomas Schumacher Editing, Mastering
2000 Wasted And One Mastering
2000 The Teaches of Peaches Peaches Mastering
2000 The Prophecy Squealer Mastering
2000 Sci-Fi Trax 3.3 Thomas Schumacher Editing, Mastering
1999 World Mad Czech Mastering
1999 Where Mankind Fails Steel Attack Mastering
1999 Theater of Salvation Edguy Mastering
1999 Space Gate Mr. President Mastering
1999 Electric Ballroom Thomas Schumacher Mastering
1998 Vain Glory Opera Edguy Remastering
1998 Sci-Fi: Level 2.2 Thomas Schumacher Post Production
1998 Sacred Island Taj Mahal / Taj Mahal & the Hula Blues Band Mastering
1998 Infected Disbelief Mastering
1998 Heads Will Roll Crack Up Mastering
1998 Fusion Sven Väth Post Mastering
1997 Mr. President Mr. President Mastering
1997 From the Ground Crack Up Mastering
1997 Awake Crematory Mastering
1996 Decoding the Hacker Myth Alter Ego Mastering
1996 An Evening of Acoustic Music Taj Mahal Mastering
1995 Sperm Oomph! Mastering Engineer
1995 Defekt Oomph! Mastering Engineer
1995 Black in Mind Rage Mastering
1993 The Missing Link Rage Mastering
1992 Oomph! Oomph! Mastering Engineer
1992 Beautiflu [EP] Boneclub Mastering
1991 The Best, the Rest, the Rare Helloween Remastering
1990 The Fruits of Sin & Labor The Perc / The Perc Meets the Hidden Gentleman Mastering
1979 Anything Wrong? Shaa Khan Engineer
Ohne Limit Münchener Freiheit Mastering Engineer
Kleine Wunder Münchener Freiheit Mastering Engineer