Bernd Alois Zimmermann

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Bernd Aloïs Zimmermann (1918-1970) was one of the most gifted and innovative German composers to emerge following the Second World War.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Die Soldaten, opera in 4 acts 1957 Opera
Requiem für einen jungen Dichter, for 2 speakers, 2 solo voices, 3 choruses, orchestra, jazz combo, hammond organ & tape 1967 Choral
Sonata for solo cello 1959 Chamber Music
Sonata for solo violin 1951 Chamber Music
Musique pour les soupers du roi Ubu, "ballet noir" for orchestra 1962 Orchestral Ballet
Sonata for solo viola 1955 Chamber Music
Kurze Studien (4), for solo cello 1970 Chamber Music
Presence, "ballet blanc" in five scenes for violin, cello & piano 1961 Chamber Music
Trumpet Concerto: "Nobody knows de trouble I see," for trumpet in C & jazz orchestra 1954 Concerto
Symphony in one Movement, for orchestra 1947 Symphony
Intercomunicazione, for cello & piano 1967 Chamber Music
Enchiridion Appendix, 3 pieces for piano Keyboard
Photoptosis, prelude for large orchestra 1968 Orchestral
Monologe, for 2 pianos (arranged from "Dialogue") 1964 Keyboard
Oboe Concerto, for oboe & small orchestra 1952 Concerto
Enchiridion II, 5 exercises for piano 1952 Keyboard
Enchiridion I, 8 small pieces for piano 1949 Keyboard
Concerto, for cello & orchestra, in the form "pas de trois" 1966 Concerto
Capriccio, improvisations for piano on folksong melodies 1946 Keyboard
Stille und Umkehr, sketch for orchestra 1970 Orchestral
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