Benjamin Bagby

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Benjamin Bagby has brought the music of the European Middle Ages to a worldwide audience for several decades. With degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and Oberlin College, Bagby pursued his joint interests…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
...sin tac piqueme, daz er touuan scal (after the "Muspilli" fragment, 9th century) 14:37 Vocal Music
Thes habet er ubar woroltring (after "De die Iudiciii" from the Gospel Book of Otfrid von Weissenburg) 11:58 Vocal Music
Geng imu tho the godes sunu (after the Old Saxon "Heiland", early 9th century) 14:24 Vocal Music
Scalam ad caelos (instrumental piece based on a Frankish sequence melody, 9th century) 03:28 Chamber Music
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