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Year Album Artist
2023 No.A Noa Composer, Producer, Recording Arranger
2022 Holiday: 4th Mini Album Winner Composer
2022 Born Pink BlackPink Composer
2021 XOXO Jeon Somi Composer, Lyricist, Producer
2021 NOW That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 77 [2021] Composer
2021 Lalisa Lisa Composer, Lyricist
2021 Blackpink 2021 'The Show' [Live] BlackPink Composer
2020 The Album BlackPink Composer
2020 Ice Cream BlackPink / Selena Gomez Composer
2019 Kill This Love BlackPink Composer
2018 Square Up BlackPink Composer
2018 Return iKON Composer
2018 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du BlackPink Composer, Rap
2018 Blackpink in Your Area BlackPink Composer
2016 Square Two BlackPink Composer
2016 Closer Christopher Featured Artist, Vocals
You Never Know BlackPink Composer
Wonderland [From “American Song Contest”] AleXa Composer
Wonderland Alexa Composer
Viral Tik Tock Composer
Viral 2020 Composer
Ultimate Hits 2021 Composer
Tubes de 2021 Composer
Tik Tock Virais Composer
The Happy Star Lexie Liu Producer
Szilveszter 2021-2022 Composer
Shake the Ground Hedegaard Featured Artist
Pretty Savage BlackPink Composer
Para Limpar A Casa Composer
Money Broiler Featured Artist
Magician Lexie Liu Producer
Kill This Love BlackPink Composer
Ice Cream Minipop Kids Composer
I Won't Let You Down Christopher Featured Artist, Vocals
Hits da Internet Composer
Hits Virais Composer
Hits Tik Tock Composer
Good Idea Broiler Featured Artist
Down to Earth Taeyang Composer, Lyricist
Blackpink 2018 Tour in Your Area Seoul BlackPink Composer
2021 Hits [November 30] Composer

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