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Year Album Artist
2020 Spooky Scary Skeletons Andrew Gold / DMA Illan Vocals (Background)
2006 Starky Starky Composer
2005 Starky Starky Composer
2003 Lost Weekend 2003, Vol. 2 Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1996 Halloween Howls: Fun & Scary Music Andrew Gold Vocals (Background)
Xi Yang Wan Sheng You You Pai Dui Stars Vocals (Background)
Wednesday Songs and Songs Inspired by Wednesday Vocals (Background)
Up and Down, Vol. 3 Vocals (Background)
Twisted Halloween Hits Vocals (Background)
This Is Halloween Vocals (Background)
TOKYO - HALLOWEEN Vocals (Background)
Sustos que dan Gusto Vocals (Background)
Spooky Sh** Vocals (Background)
Spooky Season Halloween 2021 Vocals (Background)
Spooky Scary Skeletons Andrew Gold / Dave Wave Vocals (Background)
Spooky Scary Skeletons Andrew Gold Vocals (Background)
Spooktacular Hits 2021 Vocals (Background)
Scary and Spooky Songs Vocals (Background)
Rolitas Para los Peques Vocals (Background)
Radar de Éxitos: Halloween Vocals (Background)
Pumpkin Patch Hits Vocals (Background)
Pop & Halloween Vocals (Background)
Para pedir dulces Vocals (Background)
Noche del Terror 2021 Vocals (Background)
Músicas Assustadoras Para Crianças Vocals (Background)
Mood Halloween Horror Vocals (Background)
Kids Songs: Halloween Party! Vocals (Background)
Kids Holiday Treat Vocals (Background)
Kids Halloween Songs [Universal] Vocals (Background)
Kids Halloween Party [Universal] Vocals (Background)
Kids Halloween Music Vocals (Background)
Kids Halloween 2021 Vocals (Background)
Kids Halloween Vocals (Background)
Kid Friendly Halloween Songs Vocals (Background)
Kid Friendly Halloween Music Vocals (Background)
Just for Kids [Universal] Vocals (Background)
I Put a Spell on You Vocals (Background)
Hitazos de Halloween Vocals (Background)
Helloween Vocals (Background)
Happy Haunted Halloween Tunes Vocals (Background)
Halloween: Gyerekdalok 2021 Vocals (Background)
Halloween y diversión para Peques Vocals (Background)
Halloween for the Family Vocals (Background)
Halloween [October, 2022] Vocals (Background)
Halloween Universal Vocals (Background)
Halloween Songs | Witches Hour Vocals (Background)
Halloween Songs for the Family Vocals (Background)
Halloween Songs for Kids Vocals (Background)
Halloween Party [28 October, 2021] Vocals (Background)
Halloween Party [2021] Vocals (Background)
Halloween Party 2019 Vocals (Background)
Halloween Music for the Family Vocals (Background)
Halloween Music for Kids Vocals (Background)
Halloween Mix Vocals (Background)
Halloween Mega Mix 2021 Vocals (Background)
Halloween Kids Songs Vocals (Background)
Halloween Kids Party Vocals (Background)
Halloween Kids Music Vocals (Background)
Halloween Hits [2022] Vocals (Background)
Halloween Hits 2021 Vocals (Background)
Halloween Hits Vocals (Background)
Halloween Fright Vocals (Background)
Halloween Beach Party Vocals (Background)
Halloween 2022 Vocals (Background)
Halloween 2021 Vocals (Background)
Halloween 2019 Vocals (Background)
Grandes Temazos Halloween Vocals (Background)
Family Halloween [Universal] Vocals (Background)
Family Friendly Halloween Songs Vocals (Background)
Family Friendly Halloween Music Vocals (Background)
Family Friendly Halloween Vocals (Background)
Clássicos de Halloween Vocals (Background)
Clásicos & Halloween Vocals (Background)
Classic Halloween Vocals (Background)
Boo! This Is Halloween Vocals (Background)
Best Halloween Songs Vocals (Background)
As Mais Virais Do Meu Ano Vocals (Background)
100% Éxitos: Halloween Vocals (Background)

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